The Shop has officially been launched! For the time being, we have a few products in there for sale but rest assured more are on the way. Right now Abbie is very busy designing our very first planner and task management system and as soon as we have that ready it will appear in our shop too. There will also be many other related products coming over the next year and beyond.

Products designed to help you design and build, manage, track and document a better life of your very own intentional choosing. Other products will be carried in the shop too that we feel that are useful and beneficial to you – including motivational and inspirational things as well as tools, accessories and other resources. Let us know if you have any suggestions too!

Many of our first series of courses are now live and available on Udemy. You can find a summary and overview of them from our Courses page under the Udemy tab. More are in the works too Рboth for Udemy and for our own Training Center here on this site. When we launch it you can find it also on the Courses page under the Classes tab.

Check back again soon – more products are on the way!