Where Are You Going?

As a professional driver you would never head off down the highway with a load that you have no idea where it is supposed to be delivered to, would you?

Then why do that with your career?

Far too many drivers are out there working hard and delivering freight day in and day out week after week, year after year just getting by. Their only real focus is the next load and the next paycheck. The problem is that is not much of goal or a plan!

So predictably their careers are not so much careers as they are jobs. Sure they get the lifestyle – which some love and others hate – but there really is no career plan at all. Think about how much more is possible and available to you if you have a plan and if you work the plan consistently. You can get to whatever level your ambition, drive, skills and abilities can take you if you know where you are headed and work to get there – for some that will be owning your own fleet some day. For others it might be owning and operating a freight brokerage. It could also be any combination of all kinds of other opportunities.

Opportunities that you will probably never even get close enough to be able to see, not without some clear goals and plans to get you from where ever you are now to where you would like to be.

So what are your goals?