Life is fluid, not static.

Nothing really stays the same forever – all things must change overtime whether we like it or we don’t. Some such changes are driven by thoughtful intention, while others are driven out of necessity. Often due to life circumstances, many of which are not entirely under our own control – if they are under our control at all.

Family needs and considerations. Financial opportunities and threats. Physical abilities and limitations at any given time. All these things play their parts. Also, wants and needs and our perceptions of such things – are often not completely aligned with what is so much as aligned with what one wants it to be.

My choice now is to change course.

After much consideration and contemplation, I have decided to greatly simplify life and reduce all manner of responsibilities and burdens. Reduce costs while increasing income and reduce the reliance on others and other organizations too.

For quite awhile I had been thinking, planning, and working towards an opposite of this chosen course and plan of action. Specifically I was working to expand and grow ourĀ  company greatly and dramatically.

Yet that would have led to increased financial risk (off the charts kind of risks right now and a ton of stress along with crazy hours and never ending work). My mate is not interested in all that – and I don’t blame her.

Four decades of stress and hard work together is more than enough, and now both she and I will step back and take a less stressful route. Still pursuing business and all that goes with it, but on a much simpler and smaller scale where life can and will be enjoyed far more beginning right now.

What does that mean?

It simply means we will live a simpler life and one with less demands. Enjoying each day as much as possible – and I will continue to work – but not to the same level I always have done.

It also means to try a new thing or two, long thought about and dreamed of but always left undone. Until now.

I will spend more time writing, more time designing, more time publishing, more time training and teaching and building things that make me happy too. At the same time I am shutting down and discarding everything else that does not serve a current purpose in my life.

Now I do not want or need any high costs, high maintenance and high risks business responsibilities. So I’m shutting it all down and selling the equipment, deactivating the authority and eliminating all the insane expenses that go with it.

Do understand clearly – there IS money to be made there even now – IF one can be gone and in the wind, and is willing to do so, or is willing and able to take on the risk of building a fleet. But my situation and circumstances make all that all but impossible now – and definitely not worth the headaches.

So for me and mine, that means a much different course.

We are setting sail toward warmer and simpler shores, and enjoying every leg of the trip.

Winter sucks and I do not like being cold – but I do like being outside even so. I will be doing much more hiking, kayaking, boating, biking and cooking outside – and just enjoying life every day. This year I am also going to finally build a micro truck camper I have been dreaming of and designing over and over for at least the last ten years – maybe even longer.

So that’s exciting.

Udemy revenue is down and not worth the time or effort to build complex courses anymore – at least for now. Maybe thatĀ  will change.

So I will be putting more courses on my own website and marketing them direct. I’m tired of he nonsense that goes with other peoples ideas and ups and down associated with what other platforms choose to market or not market – so most of what I do from now on will be totally under my own banner and on my own platform.

Books and manuals will be both direct and through amazon (depending on the specific publication) and most of my business going forward will be heavily focused (almost entirely) on training, teaching, writing and publishing my own work.

Publications and content creation along with teaching and training are my primary business pursuits going into 2024 and beyond. I intend to go more and more into that area and do less and less of all other things as far as making money goes.

Getting rid of high liability and high cost business elements.

Getting rid of people and things that cause problem’s. Period.

It is what it is – and some will understand and some won’t. Not my concern. I do what I do and those closest to me get it and that’s all I care about. I’m not concerned about the rest.

Over that past few years I have started and worked to build all kinds of sites, communities and other things. Most of them are being shut down too. They simply are not cost and time effective and not worth the effort – and are a drain on my mental and physical energy along with my time. So bye bye. Shutting down, deleting, canceling and simplifying all kinds of things.

I already feel better. I feel much less burdened and more free – and my bank account instantly is better and getting better by the day too.

Things change. We change. Our situations, needs and wants change. Such is life.

A long time ago I made my peace with change, and I embrace it when I need to do it too. So begins the next chapter in my life and in our lives as a family.

Time will tell as the story continues to be written – and if you are interested – then come on back and check it out from time to time.