There are plenty of people telling you what to do and what you should and should not do.

This always has been and always will be the case. Yet you are you and they are not.

You are the one who will live your own life, not them. not any other person on this earth. Just you, and you alone. That is why you must choose your own course in life – if you want to have a life of your own. It must be a conscious and intentional decision made by you as to what it is that you want to work toward achieving.

Decide what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Who you want to be. Who you aspire to be. What you will do for a living. How you will help other people – if you help other people.

There is nothing wrong with getting help and getting information, guidance, assistance, and support as necessary and as you desire along your journey in this life either. In fact, it is welcomed – so long as it remains you who decides for yourself which of it to use and which not. In the end, it will always be you who will live with the consequences of those decisions – intentional by choice or through default.

At least that’s the way I see it and it is how I choose to live my own life.

You have options and you have choices.

Choose Your Own Course in this life – and take what actions you see fit toward whatever goals you may choose in your own efforts to Build a Better Life…

… or go with the societally conditioned flow and keep letting others make your decisions and your choices for you.

You decide.