If you have been online for more than five minutes then the chances are pretty good that you have been searching for ways to make money online and or ways to improve your life so you can live a better life.

Is that you?

Another guess I am going to make is that you have already tried several different ways to try to make money online, start a business, have a side hustle or a gig of some kind (probably in addition to a day job you don’t much like), or improve your life somehow and so far nothing has really been panning out for you.

No matter how hard you try (or how much you pay for “SECRETS to Making Money” nothing seems to work – except for someone else taking your money from you.

You are tired (maybe even exhausted) and desperately looking for a way to do better.

So, how about trying something far different from anything you have likely ever done before?

Join Me and Let Me Help You

What I would like you to consider is trying out a different approach – and to start with I do not want you to pay anything at all. Now, that’s different already.

What I would like you to do is READ THIS.

Once you have done so, then think it over and if it seems like it might be a good fit for you – then go ahead and sign up for the FREE membership, come on inside and let’s get to know each other a bit better.

While you are looking around you will get to check out all the training and the core resources – including the massive and very friendly and supportive community of Wealthy Affiliate.

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate through me by using my links – then you automatically become a member of The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP too. That means you get all kinds of ADDITIONAL training, help, and support on top of everything that is available inside Wealthy Affiliate.

As you make progress and move forward you will keep doing better too.

When you complete the core training inside WA and have completed the additional core training which I will provide you with, and time in level then you will advance to the next level in The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP incrementally.

You can read about how all that works HERE.

You can also contact me directly by email and I will answer you that way too – just be sure to put The L.D. Sewell MemberSHIP in the subject line or it very well may wind up in a spam or trash folder.

What I want you to know is that you really can do better in your work, in your business, and in your life. But to do that you are going to have to do some things differently from what you have been doing.

There are many different ways to do that – and while I can’t help you with them all – I do know a few things that really do work and I am willing to help you do better if you want my help.

There are plenty of courses on Udemy – including many by me – and that is a great way to learn about specific topics, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive systematic approach then you need to join my MemberSHIP.

Plenty of books are available on Amazon and there are various training manuals and other sources of specialized information on all kinds of topics – yet all of it is comprised of just individual pieces of a much larger puzzle.

Learning is good, even when it is a piece at a time – but learning as part of a comprehensive system and with access to tools, resources, direct coaching support – and the ability to communicate with thousands of other people with the same interests is much better!

If you want all that and more then join me and give this a try – it might just change your life. Besides, it is totally risk-free and you have nothing at all to lose when you start with the FREE membership first.

You decide – and if you do decide to join me – then click the link, sign up and I will see you very soon!

Why So Many People Fail at Trying to Make Money Online

Most people fail and never make more than a few dollars sporadically if even that, after years of trying. Why?

The answer is that there are many reasons. But a couple of the biggest reasons include two specific things;

  1. Lack of Specific Direction
  2. Lack of Support

That Applies to LIFE Too!

To make progress and do better you can learn about how to develop and maintain a better MINDSET and then how to Clarify Your Vision. What that means is to go through a process of writing down all the ideas and key thoughts you have and get all that stuff out of your head and down on paper where you can look it over, organize it, and then distill it down to specifics that you can use to set your own GOALS.

Goals are targets for you to aim at – and the real purpose is to give you direction to focus your time, your energy, and your other resources on. Part of that involves developing PLANS and taking ACTION on a regular and consistent basis as you work to make your goals turn into your reality.

There is more than enough information available from multiple sources on all of these things and on countless other topics.

It is NOT due to a lack of information. If anything it is the exact opposite of that – information overload.

There are so many videos, blog posts, articles, books, courses, and webinars on every conceivable topic you can imagine it is enough to make your head spin. What usually happens is that people can’t process all that information and they become paralyzed practically and simply do nothing at all. Even when they do try, they get pulled in so many different directions they keep getting lost in the digital jungle and wandering off the trail repeatedly.

All the while wasting more time, more energy, and more resources. At least in that jungle, the digital tigers cant actually eat them!

That’s about the only good fortune they have though.

I can help you keep from getting lost – and I can make sure you have the support you need when you need it too, and that will make a very positive difference in the results you get in every key area of your life.

What You Should Know and Be Prepared For


A four-letter word that isn’t a bad thing really yet people treat it like that other one that starts with an F.

Lots of people want to sell you on the idea that everything is simple – everything is quick and everything is easy. But that is all a lie.

While telling people that nonsense definitely does make it easier to sell them stuff – it will not pan out and in the end, they are not going to receive real value, and they are also not going to knowingly ever buy ANYTHING ELSE from the person that scammed them out of their hard-earned cash.

I think that’s tragic for all concerned.

It certainly is for you if you are the one who bought into the hype and got nothing for your money. But it is also a loss even for the person who sold it to you in the first place, because you are not going to ever come back and buy anything from them again – nor are you going to refer other people to go buy from them either – are you?

What I know to be a better way is to be as honest and clear on what the actual expectations are as you can be – and help people make informed decisions on whether what you are offering is right for them or not.

If it is right for them, they are far more likely to be HAPPY with their purchase – and to come back again. Even better they may even like it so much they will bring their friends and family and even people they don’t know to you too!

That’s the kind of business I love.

I am only looking to build those kinds of relationships – long term mutually beneficial relationships, and many of which will last from now on for the rest of our lifetimes. That’s what I want. How about you?

So back to the expectations you should have.

You will learn specialized information, get specialized training, and have my support as well as the support of a huge and growing community too. But you should be ready and expecting to put in the time in and do the work to set and then reach your goals.

No matter how ambitious or how modest your goals may be (and that is totally up to you!) in all cases you will have to show up, do your courses, learn what to do next, and then take action. It is not overly complicated but it is going to be a lot of NEW to you stuff to learn. You will probably pick most of it up pretty quickly and you will probably also have trouble with some of it at times.

Just know that going in and be prepared. Stay calm – ask for help. If needed repeat your training on any area that isn’t crystal clear (and you can go back through any of your training anytime and as many times as you like).

If you do that – then you will make significant progress each and every month and over time it will all begin to become more significant for you too.

With all that in mind, I hope you do decide to at least take me up on the FREE membership offer and then be sure to set up your profile, and take a good look around and then decide.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell