Welcome to www.ldsewell.com !

This is my author/instructor site and what I consider to be my digital home, and I am glad you are here!

So, what is it all about?

I help people achieve their goals.

To do that  I provide specialized information and training to help people do better in work, in business and in life - in a sequential systematic manner so they actually make progress and do Better. That is the short answer.

It's also very important to understand that what holds most people back is simply not knowing what to do next or how to do it. I have the solutions you need to fix that!

At the core, most of what I do is focused on helping people who want help find ways to improve their lives in systematic, sustainable and ongoing ways that positively impact every area of  life. I can help you;

  • Do BETTER in your current WORK - or - find better work
  • Make More Money Online and Offline Systematically
  • Learn, Develop and use Leadership and Management Systems and Skills
  • Learn and use PRODUCTIVTY SYSTEMS to help you do more in less time with less stress in every area of your life

To do that I teach courses, write books, produce and publish specialized information and content on multiple topics and multiple platforms - that are all based on real life lessons I have learned over my entire lifetime so far.

For those who want and need it - I provide coaching, consulting and mentoring personally.

I do not believe in or teach Guru Garbage nonsense that simply DOES NOT WORK. I teach proven real world information, tactics and methods that get results and that real people can actually learn and do. I also provide additional resources and support all along your journey - so you will never be alone again if you don't want to be. You will have me and access to a growing network and our communities of other like minded people to support, encourage and help you!

Your first step is to figure out what you want to accomplish and then get to work making that your reality. Start on our FREE Resources page and follow the links there to the specific resources you need.

You can find links and information about everything that I offer all right here on this site.

My name is L.D. Sewell – Derrick to my friends, family, clients, readers, listeners and people who know me personally – and hopefully now to you too.

I am the founder of Transport Resource Solutions LLC - which I own and operate along with my wife. My work as an author, instructor, coach and consultant is focused on providing specialized information, training, support, tools and other resources to help you achieve more and do better in your work, business and life.

If you are the really curious type, and want the longer version of my story - you can find it HERE.

Transport Resource Solutions LLC (TRS) is a company like no other...

That's because it was created to HELP PEOPLE do better in trucking originally - which it still does, and now we also help anyone who wants help do better in work, in business and in life regardless of what they choose to do for a living.

TRS began as a consulting, recruiting, training and publishing company and has continued to grow and evolve - though always remaining focused on our original core mission - to provide specialized information and training to help other people do better.

Over the years I have added additional products and services that help anyone interested in business - whether trucking related or not. Additionally many of the principles we teach and the resources we offer are geared to improving productivity and efficiency in all areas of life.

This is another important lesson I learned many years ago - all areas of life are interconnected and affect each other.

While we provide many different products and services the keys to doing better in business, entrepreneurship and all other areas of life - finding solutions that work always comes back to having the right information to make better decisions.

That's why we focus so much on providing specialized information products, including training and related services - along with additional resources that can help you live more intentionally and make consistent progress on an ongoing basis.

Everybody wants to do better in work, and in business and to make more money. We can help you do that.

There are many ways to make money.

In fact my courses and books will teach you specifically how to do it too utilizing any one or more of several different Income Production Opportunities that I teach. Beyond that I also teach how to assess any other money making method so you can decide whether it is right for you or not.

Making money is indeed important.

But living a better life involves a more aligned approach that covers all other areas as well, which is also important because each area of life affects all other areas. So much of what we do and how we live life is interconnected and affects everything else.

While we certainly cover business, entrepreneurship and making money - we go far beyond that out of necessity.

Some of the key topics we cover include;

  • Mindset - How to develop and maintain a  better mindset to help you with everything else you do
  • Vision Clarification - This is an important part of figuring out who you really are, and who you want to be so you can make intentional choices that lead to better results
  • Goal Setting - Learn the technical aspects of how to set goals you can actually accomplish systematically and sequentially on an ongoing basis
  • Action Planning - Without this and then without actually taking action on a daily basis goals alone are near worthless - this is the thing that makes the difference between goals and just dreams
  • Financial Management - Most people think the answer is in just making more money - and they are usually sadly disappointed. Before you worry about making more money learn the fundamentals of how to manage what you make!
  • Income Production - How to make money. We discuss everything from jobs, side work, micro businesses, small business, entrepreneurship and every other relevant thing to do with all kinds of Income Production Opportunities
  • Wealth Building and Preservation - A whole different approach that is sequential and systematic - Learn how you can Build Your Own Business Empire, step by step by step...
  • Leadership - Learn how to become a better leader, then lead other people better and achieve more than you can imagine possible
  • Functional Fitness and Recreation - Learn how to get in and stay in better shape so you will have the energy and strength necessary to do better and to enjoy your life more in every way
  • Legacy - Thinking about and planning for what you will leave behind later will help you clarify who you really want to be - and that will help you do better and achieve more in life NOW

These 10 topics are part of a system I developed which I call Success Driven Systems - these are the Core Foundation Areas of that system and most of what I talk about and teach is related in one way or another.

Years of leadership and management experiences taught me that these things are necessary for any individual and any organization seeking to do better on a continuous basis.

Real Estate and Trucking are additional core topics that I cover extensively, and I have decades of lessons learned from experience, all of which I will share with you if you are interested. Trucking and Real Estate both offer all kinds of opportunities if you are willing to do the work necessary to learn and then do what needs to be done to succeed.

While both trucking and real estate can be very rewarding businesses to be in - neither is right for everyone at all times either. But there is something that is right for you right now - and all you need to do start with is to find it, if you haven't already done so.

Plenty of real Income Production Opportunities are available to you.

I can give you the information and the support you need so you can decide what kind of work or business best meets your needs and goals right now - which is another key to success in life - choosing the right work right now.

What you choose is totally up to you. However, by having the right information and resources your chances of success dramatically increase.

There are some other things I discuss and cover that are also just general topics or just for fun too.

Ever since I wrote my first nonfiction book "Introduction to Professional Truck Driving Careers" I have had an interest in also writing fiction. Currently I am working on doing just that and the first book will be a thriller novel about a serial killer set in the Chesapeake Bay area. It will be out and available for purchase on Amazon as soon as it is ready. So that is and interesting - and much different experience.

Very often I mention "us" and "we" - and I am usually referring to my beautiful and very talented wife and partner in all this, Abbie, who is the expert and talent at all things digital and art wise. She takes my ideas and transforms them into reality from designing and building most of this site, and much of all of our other sites, book covers, infographics, merch and pretty much everything else for that matter.

We are also going to slowly and intentionally build a team of Instructors, mentors and coaches  to teach Success Driven Systems and independently sell related products and services as Independent Business Associates and Affiliates.

If you are interested in applying, and want to be notified when we open our affiliate and Independent Business Associate programs let us know.


We Provide Information to Help You Learn How You Can Build a Better Life...

Get help and support as you do from the beginning and throughout your journey as you continue to intentionally Choose Your Own Course in life and take daily action toward achieving your goals.


This site and most of the other content and products we create or provide on all of our sites and platforms is focused on helping you improve your life in numerous ways.

You CAN change your life for the better and this is where you learn how!

Our Primary Goal Is To Help You Set and Achieve Your Own Goals In Your Work, Business And  Life On A Continuous Never Ending Basis...

Learn how to start making real progress now.

Learn how to simplify your life, reduce stress, get out of debt and use Success Driven Systems effectively to continue making consistent progress from now on for the rest of your life.

Get specialized information, training, coaching, support and other  resources to help you get ahead instead of just getting by.

You can get help in a variety of different ways - Get Started with our Free Resources. There are numerous check lists, guides, reports and other things being added constantly to help you start taking action now.

Beyond all that we have multiple courses available, periodic live workshops and  memberships you can join. If you need and want direct support we have highly specialized coaching and consulting services available too.

Learn more about Entrepreneurship, all aspects of Home Ownership, Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Careers and  Trucking Business Success and Driving Careers through our courses, books, and  other resources we offer.

I independently recruit, refer, coach and mentor Professional Truck Drivers as they build their own Trucking Careers and entrepreneurs who want to build a Trucking Business Successfully - and if you are interested in Trucking as a Business or a Career - then I can help you too.

I also teach Success Driven Systems, as I mentioned earlier,  which I developed. SDS is a philosophy and a collection of tools, tactics, methods and other resources to help you achieve more and do better in life. SDS is applicable to all individuals and organizations who want to do better in work and in business in any industry and to do better in life.

To learn more about Success Driven Systems you can visit www.successdrivensystems.com

You can also get help by visiting  our Courses page and my Coaching page.

There is No Single System or Person on Earth that Can Do Everything...

Success Driven Systems recognizes and embraces this reality and intentionally seeks out and uses all other necessary and desirable systems, methods, tactics, tools, and resources - including other people with specific specialized knowledge and expertise when they are needed.

When necessary I may refer you to other team members, independent associates, and outside sources who all have their own areas of specialization as well to better be able to help you in multiple different ways within their areas of specialty which all support the same objectives - to help you become more productive and happier in your work or business and in every area of your life.

In fact one of the best ways to get started is to begin with our Free Resources page and learn about the different courses, workshops, publications and other resources we have available to help you start making more progress toward your goals now.

Through our books, publications, programs, courses and services you can get all the help you need.

Get more out of your existing work or business or start a new career. Earn more money, gain control over your time and your life while reducing anxiety and stress at the same time. We can help you with all that and much more too.

We will help you learn all about how you can consistently take systematic action and then stay on track to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.

Learn how to enjoy and thrive in your current work - if its the right work for you. If what you are currently doing isn't right for you - then we can help you find or create the right work, or even start your own business - then build and grow it, get control of your finances and then continuously increase the money you earn. Take it as far as you dare, and as far as your drive, skills and abilities can take you.

Find out how you can start a lucrative and fun side business that can help you make big changes to your life fast - and at the same time give you more peace of mind knowing you are not completely dependent on your primary job.

Work is so much a major part of your life - whether as an employee or as a business owner -  intentionally choosing the right work and then pursuing it with passion in such a way as to maximize productivity and enjoyment while doing it is paramount to your success and happiness in life. Here, you can learn more about how to do that. We will also let you know about some work and business opportunities that you probably don't know about - and may be just what you need right now!

Whether primary work or side income producing opportunities, we focus on real opportunities that can work and will work for you if you do the work, and put in the time to make it happen - instead of pie in the sky schemes that are so prevalent on the internet these days.

Too many people are frustrated because nothing they try ever seems to work out for them. Learn why most people are stressed to the breaking point while at the same time accomplishing next to nothing - and how you can do the exact opposite. Accomplish more than most people believe is possible - while at the same time eliminating stress and improving your life in every area that matters most.

Some of what you will learn more about and find here;

  • Resources and Information to help you develop and maintain a positive mindset. Learn to let go of fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back while developing better habits that move you forward.
  • Get help in clarifying your vision and setting your goals.
  • Learn to use specialized systems and tools to help you make steady, consistent measurable progress.
  • Have access to the key information you need and training, coaching, encouragement and support all along the way. Get help with holding yourself accountable and get feedback on your progress all along your journey.
  • Other products, services and information as you need it to help you design and build a better life of your own systematically and step, by step, by step from one goal to the next.
  • Opportunities to join us and teach others how they can do the same things you will learn to do so they can do better in all areas of their lives too. Build your own lucrative and independent business while helping other people do the same.
  • For People Interested In Trucking Careers or Trucking Business Success - We offer an in depth selection of services including publications, training, assessments, consulting and more and we also offer periodic live seminars and workshops that cover every area of Trucking as a Career, Trucking Risk Management, DOT Compliance and Business Management..

Visit our Trucking Career and Trucking Business Success site at www.transportresourcesolutions.com to learn more.

Are You Completely Happy With Your Results In Your Work And In Your Life Right Now?

You may be.

You might like your life just the way it is. If you do then that’s great! Then keep doing what you have been doing and I wish you all the best in all you do in life.

But that sure as hell isn’t the case for most people in the world today.

Most people are buried under a mountain of debt, working insane hours at jobs or in businesses they don’t really enjoy, or even like, or that they may actually even hate. People are stressed out trying desperately to just keep up as best they can with all the challenges each day brings - whether employees or business owners they often feel completely overwhelmed by it all.

What about you?

Do you feel trapped and see few if any real ways to change things? Are you overwhelmed daily by your obligations? Do you desperately want a better life - but don't know how to get it? Do you want to do better at your work or business but cant figure out how to actually make it happen? Do you feel like you are adrift on the sea of life with no sense of true direction?

If you don’t like your work, business or life the way it is then I am here to tell you with absolute certainty that YOU CAN CHANGE IT! Change your mindset and choose a different course in life – get the help you need and take different action. Get the information, learn and use the systems, tactics and methods we teach. Then you will get far better results in all areas of your life. Here is your chance!

Einstein reportedly said; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Did he really say that? I have no idea.  People are still arguing about whether he actually said it or whether it was Benjamin Franklin who said it or someone else. Even then the exact wording is often changed slightly depending on who is pontificating. The point is this – regardless of who originally said it – that’s reality! If you sit back and think about it for five minutes it makes perfectly good sense.

If you want a different result then you have to do something different!

Habits Define Your Life

You have a choice to make right here and right now. A choice that very well may determine your destiny for the rest of your life whether you believe that at this moment or not.

Change What You Are Doing or Keep Doing the Same Things Over and Over Again.



Like what you have been getting? If you do then I hope it keeps working out the way you want it to. On the other hand – if you are not happy with your life – THEN CHANGE IT NOW!

Through our books, manuals, planners, task management systems, courses, posts, consulting, coaching and other resources available to you here - you can learn how to take control of your most valuable commodity - your time - and start using it to your advantage.

Learn how to set goals and then use task management systems, tools and resources to increase productivity in your work and in every area of your life, get better results across the board - and at the same time reduce stress!

Manage and improve your existing business or job, and make it both more profitable and enjoyable.

You can also learn how to start finally getting control of your work and personal life and start getting ahead instead of just getting by month to month.

If you are interested in starting or improving your own business you can learn how to recruit, train, lead, motivate and manage other people and get everyone working together as a team to help you as you build and grow a business using proven management and control systems that actually work - so you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself and your organization and reach them quickly too.

Whatever You Decide - We Can Help You Accomplish It 

You are unique and you will have your own specific goals that you want to accomplish. That is why we develop  systems, tools and resources to help you design, plan, organize, manage and control your life as you work along whatever course in life you set for yourself.

Our coaching and consulting services focus on you and your own unique situation. Our services and our products including our planners, task management systems, journals and other resources are all extremely customizable to help you get more done, and done more efficiently.

You can have a better life in all areas - including your work or business and your personal life - beginning right now if you want it. The choices are all yours to make and the possibilities are infinite. We have the information, tools, training and other resources available to help you get there, wherever you decide on going in life...

Contact us today to schedule your first session!

Let's Get Started Right Now ... +


Visit our FREE Resources page NOW! 


Everything Begins With Your Mindset!

How you choose to see the world and your position within it defines your life - including all you have and ever will have. So if you are not happy with what you have then work on building a better mindset first. A positive attitude and outlook on life is the beginning, then building your confidence while  developing clarity. We will help you do that.

Then you need to define your vision - what are you here for? Decide what your purpose in life is and what vision you have of the life you truly want to be leading. Then refine it. Next comes Goal Setting - this is a critical element in changing your life!

Learn how to set clear and achievable goals then develop specific plans to get you there. Learn how to use task management systems in every area of your life to help you achieve more and do better.

These things are all relevant to every person in every area of life - regardless of what the specific goals may be, and we will focus heavily on them. We will also provide additional information to anyone who wants it on starting and running specific businesses that we have specialized knowledge and experience in.

Some are mentioned below.

Learn all about trucking – beginning with what it takes to start and build a successful career as a professional truck driver – and then how to take that experience and build on it, become a successful owner operator and continue to learn and grow your business step by step as far as you want to take it – even learn how to start and build your own trucking company and then take it to the next level if you want to. Even be able to build it into as large of a fleet and freight brokerage as you want, whether that is a dozen trucks or more than a hundred trucks.

Trying to start a truck driving career without any real understanding of what you are about to get yourself and your loved ones into typically ends badly and quickly with nothing more to show than wasted time wasted money and a badly bruised ego – or worse.

Trying to become an owner operator, start a trucking company or run a fleet without having critical information and training, without understanding the regulations, and knowing how to set up management control systems, hire, train and manage people and a ton of other specialized information – is not like jumping in the deep end of the pool, it’s more like jumping off a cliff into a tank full of sharks blind folded with a steak tied around your neck!

Get the help you need now and save yourself a lot of headaches and stress while greatly improving your business and your life in the process.

Building Your Own Better Life ... +

Learn about Debt Elimination, Personal Finance, Money and Credit

 Learn how to control your spending. If you are already deeply in debt – and most people are – then there are things you can do to change it – no matter how bleak and impossible your situation may seem. There is a way out if you want it and if you will take it and then actually do what needs to be done.

Learn how you can use unconventional thinking – unusual and affordable temporary housing, and temporary minimalism to permanently change your life in big ways and faster than you ever thought possible! Make massive progress in days, weeks and months, instead of months, years and decades that other programs take.

The way I see it is simple – All Debt is Bad Debt and Should Be Eliminated. Business or personal debt is just debt and it’s all BAD. I hate debt. There is nothing good about it at all.

Of course you will have to make up your own mind and choose your own philosophy regarding how to deal with money, credit and debt. We will provide you with information, tools, resources and options for you to consider and use as you see fit.

Become An Entrepreneur 

Even if you are going to continue working a job as an employee - consider starting a part time microbusiness and grow it slowing and consistently as you choose. Or grow it large enough to eventually replace your job. You decide.

There are multiple businesses that you can start with very little money and build them by reinvesting what you earn instead of spending it. In todays fast moving and uncertain world where jobs often disappear in the blink of an eye it is always good to be able to produce at least enough income to meet your needs from a source that YOU control instead of all from a company job you do not control. Far too many people have learned hard lessons about putting all their eggs in someone else's basket - so please don't make that mistake! Do something about your own security and independence now while you still can...

Learn, Do, Teach Philosophy 

You can become an instructor, author and a consultant/coach and help other people!

One of the main things that drives me is a relentless desire to help other people. If you want to help others solve problems and achieve more then you can learn how to teach your own courses online, how to write and publish your own eBooks, books and record your own audiobooks.

Everything that I am doing - YOU can do too!

You already have your own life experiences. You have your own expertise - whether you realize that or not - and you can learn additional specialized information and skills which you can then teach.

You can help countless other people improve their own lives... so come join us and get started NOW!

Do I Have Anything To Offer You?

Over the years I have worked with every kind of person with every kind of personality, background and attitude that you can possibly imagine – and I have learned many valuable lessons from every opportunity.

I have worked with some of the smartest, sharpest and most gifted people on earth – along with some of the kindest and gentlest souls - and I have worked with some of the worst too.

What I learned from all these experiences is that there are certain patterns of behavior that get results consistently and lead to success and there are certain patterns of behavior that always lead consistently to failure to accomplish much of anything at all.

My focus is on helping people who want to get ahead in life instead of just getting by and who are motivated and willing to take action and do the work to make it happen.


If you want help - then I and my team are here and available to help you design and build your own better life in numerous ways whenever you are ready to get started.

We can and will provide information, training, encouragement, tools and other resources  – but we can’t do your work for you. So this may or may not be for you. Only you can make that decision.

Anyone looking for a get rich quick without any hard work or effort program is in the wrong place - but those looking for a source of information, resources and tools to help make consistent meaningful progress in all areas of life have found it here!

Are YOU ready to start building a better life? Then Start Here!

The Ways We Share Information

Start with our FREE information and training resources. Then you can continue on to get more in depth information, access to more resources, help, and more support as you need it.

  • Here on this site and within our blog
  • The L.D.Sewell Podcast
  • Courses offered here and at Udemy
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  • Books, eBooks, Audio books – Available here or on Amazon
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