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My name is L.D. Sewell – Derrick to my friends, family, readers, listeners and people who know me personally – and hopefully now to you too. This site and most of the other content and products we create or provide here is focused on helping you improve your life in numerous ways.

Much of our work is focused on providing goal setting, planing and task management systems, tools and resources to help you define and clarify your own goals, develop specific plans to help you take consistent action and then stay on track to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.

Some of what you will find here;

  • Resources and Information to help you develop and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Help in clarifying your vision and setting your goals.
  • Task management systems and tools to help you make steady, consistent measurable progress.
  • Training, coaching, encouragement and support all along the way.
  • Other products, services and information to help you design and build a better life of your own!

Are You Completely Happy With Your Life Right Now?

You may be. You might like your life just the way it is. If you do then that’s great! Then keep doing what you have been doing and I wish you all the best in all you do in life. But that sure as hell isn’t the case for most working people in the world today.

Most people are buried under a mountain of debt, working insane hours at jobs they don’t even like, and in many cases actually hate. People are stressed out trying desperately to just keep up as best they can with all the challenges each day brings - and often feeling completely overwhelmed by it all.

What about you? Do you feel trapped and see few if any real ways to change things? Do you desperately want a better life - but don't know how to get it? If you don’t like your life the way it is then I am here to tell you with absolute certainty that YOU CAN CHANGE IT! Change your mindset and choose a different course in life – a course of your own choosing for a change instead of what societal norms have been telling you to follow all your life. Here is your chance!

Einstein reportedly said; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Did he really say that? I have no idea.  People are still arguing about whether he actually said it or Benjamin Franklin said it or someone else. Even then the exact wording is often changed slightly depending on who is pontificating. The point is this – regardless of who originally said it – that’s reality! If you sit back and think about it for five minutes it makes perfectly good sense.

If you want a different result then you have to do something different!

Habits Define Your Life

You have a choice to make right here and right now. A choice that very well may determine your destiny for the rest of your life whether you believe that at this moment or not.

Change What You Are Doing or Keep Doing the Same Things Over and Over Again.

Like what you have been getting? If you do then I hope it keeps working out the way you want it to. On the other hand – if you are not happy with your life – THEN CHANGE IT NOW!

Through our books, manuals, planners, task management systems, courses, posts and other resources available to you here - you can learn how to take control of your most valuable commodity - your time - and start using it to your advantage.

Learn how to set goals and then use task management systems, tools and resources to increase productivity in every area of your life, get better results across the board - and at the same time reduce stress!

You can also learn how to start your own microbusiness or  small business, get control of your personal finances and start getting ahead instead of just getting by month to month.

If you are interested in starting a business you can learn how to recruit, train, lead, motivate and manage other people to help you as you build and grow a business using proven management systems that actually work - so you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself and your organization.

Whatever You Decide - We Can Help You Accomplish It 

You are unique and you will have your own specific goals that you want to accomplish. That is why we developed tools and resources to help you design, plan, organize, manage and control your life as you work along whatever course in life you set for yourself.

Our planners, task management systems, journals and other resources are all extremely customizable so you can make them your very own and use them as you choose to help you get more done and done more efficiently.

You can have a better life beginning right now if you want it. The choices are all yours to make and the possibilities are infinite. We have the information, tools, training and other resources available to help you get there, wherever you decide on going in life...

Let's Get Started Right Now ... +

Everything Begins With Your Mindset!

How you choose to see the world and your position within it defines your life - including all you have and ever will have. So if you are not happy with what you have then work on building a better mindset first. A positive attitude and outlook on life is the beginning, then building your confidence while  developing clarity. We will help you do that.

Then you need to define your vision - what are you here for? Decide what your purpose in life is and what vision you have of the life you truly want to be leading. Then refine it. Next comes Goal Setting - this is a critical element in changing your life!

Learn how to set clear and achievable goals then develop specific plans to get you there. Learn how to use task management systems in every area of your life to help you achieve more and do better.

These things are all relevant to every person in every area of life - regardless of what the specific goals may be, and we will focus heavily on them. We will also provide additional information to anyone who wants it on starting and running specific businesses that we have specialized knowledge and experience in.

Some are mentioned below.

Learn all about trucking – beginning with what it takes to start and build a successful career as a professional truck driver – and then how to take that experience and build on it, become a successful owner operator and continue to learn and grow your business step by step as far as you want to take it – even learn how to start and build your own trucking company and then take it to the next level if you want to. Even be able to build it into as large of a fleet and freight brokerage as you want, whether that is a dozen trucks or more than a hundred trucks.

Trying to start a truck driving career without any real understanding of what you are about to get yourself and your loved ones into typically ends badly and quickly with nothing more to show than wasted time wasted money and a badly bruised ego – or worse.

Trying to become an owner operator, start a trucking company or run a fleet without having critical information and training, without understanding the regulations, and knowing how to set up management control systems, hire, train and manage people and a ton of other specialized information – is not like jumping in the deep end of the pool, it’s more like jumping off a cliff into a tank full of sharks blind folded with a steak tied around your neck!

Building Your Own Better Life ... +

Learn about Debt Elimination, Personal Finance, Money and Credit

 Learn how to control your spending. If you are already deeply in debt – and most people are – then there are things you can do to change it – no matter how bleak and impossible your situation may seem. There is a way out if you want it and if you will take it and then actually do what needs to be done.

Learn how you can use unconventional thinking – unusual and affordable temporary housing, and temporary minimalism to permanently change your life in big ways and faster than you ever thought possible! Make massive progress in days, weeks and months, instead of months, years and decades that other programs take.

The way I see it is simple – All Debt is Bad Debt and Should Be Eliminated. Business or personal debt is just debt and it’s all BAD. I hate debt. There is nothing good about it at all.

Of course you will have to make up your own mind and choose your own philosophy regarding how to deal with money, credit and debt. We will provide you with information, tools, resources and options for you to consider and use as you see fit.

Become An Entrepreneur 

Even if you are going to continue working a job as an employee - consider starting a part time microbusiness and grow it slowing and consistently as you choose. Or grow it large enough to eventually replace your job. You decide.

There are multiple businesses that you can start with very little money and build them by reinvesting what you earn instead of spending it. In todays fast moving and uncertain world where jobs often disappear in the blink of an eye it is always good to be able to produce at least enough income to meet your needs from a source that YOU control instead of all from a company job you do not control. Far too many people have learned hard lessons about putting all their eggs in someone else's basket - so please don't make that mistake! Do something about your own security and independence now while you still can...

Do I Have Anything To Offer You?

Over the years I have worked with every kind of person with every kind of personality, background and attitude that you can possibly imagine – and I have learned many valuable lessons from every opportunity.

I have worked with some of the smartest, sharpest and most gifted people on earth – along with some of the kindest and gentlest souls, and I have worked with some of the worst too. What I learned from these experiences is that there are certain patterns of behavior that get results consistently and lead to success and there are certain patterns of behavior that always lead consistently to failure to accomplish much of anything at all.

My focus is on helping people who want to get ahead in life instead of just getting by.

If you want help - then I and my team are here and available to help you design and build your own better life in numerous ways whenever you are ready to get started.

We can and will provide information, training, encouragement, tools and other resources  – but we can’t do your work for you. So this may or may not be for you. Only you can make that decision.

Anyone looking for a get rich quick without any hard work or effort program is in the wrong place - but those looking for a source of information, resources and tools to help make consistent meaningful progress in all areas of life have found it here!

How do I cover all this information and get it to you?

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