Maybe you have always thought about starting your own online or offline business but something has always stopped you from actually doing it.

Fear. If that is the case then you should know you have plenty of company!

There are ways for you to learn to overcome your fears and press on anyway, and in fact, that is precisely what must happen if you ever want to actually pursue your dream of owning and operating a business of your very own.

So instead of avoiding your fears, let’s face them head-on and then look at some solutions you can use to help you move on past them.

Top 3 Common Fears People Have

There are many things that scare people to the point they fail to act. When it comes to business three of the most common ones that crop up again and again are;

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Fear of Rejection
  3. Fear of Being Alone

Let’s start with the fear of failure. Nobody wants to fail yet failure is a very real possibility in most things we humans attempt and that is certainly true when it comes to business pursuits.

But is it really all that bad even if you do fail?

Usually, it isn’t half as bad as the perception and the expectation of what it would be like is. Secondly, it isn’t really a failure if you use it as a learning experience and keep moving forward and doing better with each new effort. Learn to embrace what most people consider to be failure, and instead of fearing it – see it as a learning opportunity and learn and then apply the lessons available to you.

Develop a better mindset. Your mindset is how you see the world and yourself in the world – and to a very large extent, it predetermines how you will act and react to both opportunities and threats as they occur. Your mindset is critical to your ultimate success.

Beyond that study your business and your industry.

Chances are there are many lessons you can learn from those who have already come before you and you can learn a lot about both what they have done right and what they have done wrong, and then use those lessons to minimize your own risks and at the same time increase your productivity. This improves your chances of success and makes it happen faster by learning all you can from others.

You can anticipate the likely obstacles and challenges you will face and be better prepared to deal with them and do so much more confidently and more effectively.

Next is the fear of rejection.

There are two kinds of rejection people fear.

The first is being rejected by – or judged by friends and family. The second is fear of being rejected by others in the course of attempting to do business, especially in sales – and ultimately all businesses are selling something to somebody, whether what they are selling is a product or a service or both.

When it comes to family and friends – expect to encounter some obstacles.

Often it is because they see you only as you have been and when you attempt to do something new it is both unfamiliar to them and possibly uncomfortable because it requires them to see you differently. That means change, and often people are unconsciously uncomfortable with change – even when the change is good!

Realize it is a common thing, and once you make your mind up to do a certain thing – then it is no longer your problem or issue to deal with how they see you – it is their problem to deal with. If you want to be successful then that is part of the price of that success – otherwise, you will give in and let their limitations become your limitations and stop you from ever reaching your true potential at anything in life that matters.

Never let that happen or you will always regret it throughout the rest of your life.

And always remember this – if you do let it happen it will only be because you let it happen – and not because of them. They have no power over you really except the power you give them in what you allow their judgment to mean to you. Remember too that more often than not any discomfort they may initially have is simply based on changes they do not yet understand – and if you stick to your course and do what you set out to do, as you achieve more success they will come around and embrace your new venture.

If they do or they don’t – either way – that is on them.

Again, nobody in their right mind actually wants to be rejected. I get that. Yet rejection is inevitable in all human endeavors – and especially in business. It is just part of business. Learn to frame it differently in your own mind and instead of seeing it as some personal slight or offense against you – see it for what it really is.

It’s just part of the price of success. It is really is nothing more than part of a numbers game, at its essence, and that is an integral part of all businesses.

For example, let’s say you are recruiting truck drivers. Since I have personally recruited thousands of drivers over decades now I can very confidently talk about that. You see, recruiting like so many other things is a numbers game. Going in you need to understand that if you are to be any good at it.

In order to recruit a specific number of people, you are going to have to attract and speak to far more prospects than you actually need. That is because not all of them are going to be interested enough to actually apply. Even from those who do apply not all of them will pass all the background checks and verification necessary to complete the hiring process.

Even from among those who do, some of them are going to change their mind and never show up for orientation. That’s just reality and that’s just life. But if you want to be a successful recruiter there are things you can learn that will improve your odds greatly.

You can learn how and where to place ads, how many ads to run, how to answer calls, and respond to messages and emails. There are certain scripts you can use and things you can say in a certain away and in a specific order that yields far better results than do others. These are things that can be taught and which you can learn – and then over time as you apply them and practice you will get better and better and so will your results.

The same thing is true selling real estate, selling cars, selling boats, or selling products as an affiliate marker or any other way you decide to sell things. There are methods, tactics, and systems that can be leaned and applied over time with effort. As you do so you will gain experience and you will learn more, refine your methods and tactics, and do better.

Are you likely to come right out of the gate and keep pace with someone who is both well trained a very experienced? Probably not.

But you can do OK and you will get better if you keep at it, and in some cases, if you are motivated and driven enough to do it – you will be able to eventually overtake and surpass those others who are already there. You can do better than all of them in time – if you have the drive, and the ability and if you do the work you must do to make that happen.

You will have to do the work and give it all your best efforts if you ever want to find out what is really possible for you.

Now let’s talk about the fear of being alone. There are different iterations of what that means to different people. For some, it is a fear of not having anyone to go to for help and support. For others, it is a fear of not having others to share your journey with including your wins and your losses as you work to build your business.

This is a false fear that is easily overcome. No matter what business you are in or thinking of getting in – there are already other people doing it or at least doing something similar enough to understand what you are going through – and for you to understand what they are experiences too.

When it comes to finding help and resources there are always courses, events, coaches, mentors, and others who are willing and able to help you as you need it, as you can afford the help and as you want it.

So seek them out. Find them and join them in their groups and memberships and attend some events. There are plenty of communities, memberships, and groups to help you do that – and many of them are completely free. Others have a free trials and some require you to pay a fee either monthly or annually. The help you will get will far outweigh any costs so long as you only join quality groups and organizations of which there are plenty of options to choose from.

Now thanks to technology you can even connect with people that may be hundreds of miles or more from where you are physically located. So stop letting that stop you – and go ahead and start your business!