There are replicable systems and patterns which can be seen, learned and used to achieve your goals.

While this information is widely available and easy enough to discover by anyone who really looks for it, few people actually consistently apply these principles long enough to achieve much of anything.

Why is that, I wondered?

Part of the problem for most of us is impatience. We all want results fast, even instantly, and when that doesn’t happen it’s on to the next shiny object and looking for the next “SECRET” to success.

You gotta be you. I get it.

Some people will tell you not to swing for the fences, and not to go after big – even massive – goals initially. I say go for it!

If you think you have figured something out and have come up with a way to achieve massive results then go ahead and TRY IT!

Fred Smith did. Otherwise, FedEx would never have existed – except as a crazy dream of an idea inside his own mind. Reportedly a college professor told him his ideas were unrealistic and gave him a less than stellar grade on a paper he wrote about his ideas.

Jeff Bezos also had some crazy ideas. People most likely said he was off the rails too. Yet look at what his crazy ideas created – a little company called Amazon. Maybe you have heard of it?

You may be the next mega success story – but the world will never know if you don’t have the guts to even try. Neither will you ever know yourself.

So go ahead, go for it!

Don’t let anyone else define your limits.

Model Successful People and Systems

So go ahead and do your damndest to achieve success however you see fit to try it. If it works – then great! Share your story with the world so others can be inspired to do better in life too.

If you do not achieve success – then know this, it is OK – and it is not the end of your journey either.

What you will have learned is that your ideas were not as good as you thought they were, or your execution of what needed to be done to achieve the results you were after was lacking.

That is an educational experience.

Learn from it and then modify your approach. Success leave more than clues – it leaves road maps and charts with specific directions for you to follow if you want to reach the desired destination.

Find models who have successfully completed a similar journey to the one you want to choose and then learn from them. What did they do differently from what you did on your previous attempt? Model their actions to achieve similar results.

Time and Effort 

Keep in mind that your success will require work. Hard work overtime. Consistent progress over time that eventually becomes cumulative and compounding.

At first, it will seem like you are trying to push an old Caddilac up a long hill. But you have to get it over the summit before you can get in and ride it down the other side.

When you are it that pushing phase it is easy to look too far ahead and see how far you have to go, and simply quit. It looks like an impossible distance and is so disheartening and overwhelming you can feel hopeless.

Don’t do that.

Instead, know where you are going, then once you have that figured out just focus on the next step Then the next. Then the next. Step by step by step. Before long you will surprise your self with how far you have traveled. Take heart in that and remember it continuously works that way. The clock is going to keep moving – the time will pass regardless. The question is will you have used it to make progress or will you have allowed it to simply slip on by?

I suggest progress.

Here is a Framework for You to Plan Your Success

Everything begins in your own mind. So start there and then proceed with the rest.

  1. Mindset – develop, maintain and continuously improve your mindset
  2. Vision – clarify your vision. Decide what you want to do
  3. Goals – set specific goals that cover multiple timeframes and waypoints in your life
  4. Action – goals without action are near worthless – take action and use systems and tools to help you
  5. Evaluate – assess and evaluate your results periodically, and keep moving
  6. Achieve Your Goal – if you do these things consistently you will achieve success in time with effort
  7. Repeat – your journey never ends until you end. So each time you achieve a goals simple repeat this entire process towards the next