Funny thing this life is.

Some people are sour and mean, others are shaking and quaking and afraid of their own shadows. A few are almost always happy – but not in a silly or delusional way. Just happy in general and are able to find something good every day and in almost every situation imaginable. Yes, even today – even with all that is going on.

How about you?

I know these times are more trying than usual – to put it mildly. Right now the entire world seems to have lost its collective mind as it tries desperately to deal with the Coronavirus/COVID 19 – or whatever the flavor of the moment name is for the thing that is threatening our world and our way of life – and indeed life itself for far too many.

Yet life goes on.

If you are reading this then you are still alive, or at least I presume so…

So you have choices to make still.

One of these is whether to just settle for the gloom and doom narrative and stress and obsess all day and all night – and be frightened and worried every waking hour. That’s one choice – and is what millions upon millions of people are doing.

Or you can choose option two.

Find things to be happy about. Find the simple beauty within your sight each day. Look around and open your eyes and see. Take the time to truly and deeply appreciate the people in your life that you care most about, and cherish the time you have with them whether in person or through technology provided means.

Take this time and use it wisely.

Read a book.

Start writing that book you have always dreamed of writing!

Take an online course – on anything you choose…

Call an old friend you have missed but haven’t talked to in ages

Go for a walk in the woods

Take a Kayak out on the lake

Go fishing again – even though you haven’t been in years

Learn a new sport – like archery – and do it in your own yard

Ride a motorcycle

Start working out again and start today!

Pick a random address from your local phone book, and mail them $25.00 cash with a note that says ” Just in case you need it…” and mail it without a return address or anything self – just to be nice


Life is precious my friend, very precious indeed. Breathe in and breathe out – try to relax – smile, and go find something beautiful in your day.