Time is yours to use and control how you spend it. You may not believe that at this moment but it is true. Don’t like your job then modify it or quit. Don’t like anything else that is eating away at your time then change it. If you don’t then your life is and will always be a miserable and stressful experience. Some human beings (a lot actually!) will absolutely test you, push you and manipulate you constantly – IF you LET THEM.

But here is the thing – you are in charge whether you realize it or not.

So if people are wasting your time (your life) then stop letting them do that! Start saying no to time-wasting tasks and time wasting people. Start saying no to things and activities that you do not wish to be involved with. Simply say ” Thanks for considering me – but I’m going to have to decline your offer at this time.” and that is the end of that.

Will it rub some people the wrong way?  Probably so – especially the inconsiderate manipulative ones who are used to taking advantage of you!

But that’s their problem, not yours. Don’t worry – they will immediately find someone else to push around and manipulate. But it won’t be you. Not anymore. When you start saying no to the things that squander your time and then you have the time to start focusing on the things that matter, and in the order that matters. Then your life starts changing for the better fast.

Set goals – use a task management system and prioritize your daily tasks – then take action and be amazed at the results. Invest in yourself and learn new things and develop new skills that can help you be more successful instead of letting other people just waste your time.

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Up to you, but the time you spend there will be a very wise investment if you are serious about building and running any kind of successful trucking business.