You can’t do everything. Nobody can.

There are only 24 hours in each day – and only so much energy in your own body. How well you do or how poorly you do in life comes down to how you choose to spend the limited time and energy that you do have.

You can waste it – as many people do every single day – watching hours of mindless TV. You can spend it doing even more destructive things like overeating, drinking excessively, doing drugs or pursuing any number of other vices.

Or you could choose to exercise and get in better shape. Maybe spend some time reading books and taking courses to help you build a better mindset, develop your own goals and plans and learn systems, methods, and tactics that can help you reach your goals.

Even when it comes to income production – what work you choose to do and what you choose to work on has a profound impact on the results you get.

What you focus your time and energy on – that is what determines much of your success or your failure – as well as your personal satisfaction with your own life overall.

Think about these things very carefully.

These things, which alone may seem minor – are not.

The choices you make and the actions you take directly determine virtually everything you will ever experience and everything you will ever have in life.

When you are considering one thing over another always remember this.

Ask yourself – does one course of action move you closer to, or further away from your next goal?

The answer to that question will help you decide which choice to make in each case.

In my own life, I often experience this. There are so many things that interest me. So many things I would like to do – yet I know I can’t do them all, and hard choices have to be made often. What to choose and what to discard and ignore. Following the same advice I just gave you helps me make difficult choices quickly and more easily and helps me get consistently better results by remaining focused on my goals and whether or not a given option moves me closer to the next goal or not.

Give it a try and see for yourself.