Study Those Who Have Done What You Want To Do…

Then go do it. Even the Wright brothers used models – and I’m not just talking about model airplanes either. I mean they studied everyone they could who had any notable experience with flight – then they tried to replicate what worked for others and take it even further – they tried to improve upon it and put their own ideas into it. It’s funny how many people seem to think Orville and Wilbur invented manned flight – they did NOT.

There were many people flying gliders long before the Wrights brothers ever had a foot off the ground. They get the credit for powered flight – and that comes in part on the shoulders of many that came long before them – without whom they may never have been successful at all. As interesting as the history of flight is – including the arguments about who was first at what – that is not the main point here.

The point is that regardless of what you may want to accomplish the chances are there have already been many people who have done it – and probably many more doing that very thing this very moment – or at least something in part and close enough to benefit you. If you study them and their work you can learn enough about how they accomplished what they did and how those doing it do what they do that you can replicate a large part of it yourself.

You can also save years – maybe even decades – of trial and error of learning the long hard way by modeling them. Their success has an added benefit too – one of motivation.

If they did it, then maybe you can too! 

We all need a little encouragement sometimes. We all need instruction, help, and guidance too. Some of that we can get through attending training courses and classes, seminars and webinars. Some we can get from books and videos. Some from direct observation when possible. Some through research and study using multiple sources, methods, and platforms.

So what is it that YOU want to do?

Figure out what that is first – then see if you can search for and find 10 people who are doing that very same thing right now…

Go look at their blogs, websites and facebook pages – buy their books or take their courses or go to their events if you can. If not look up as much as you can about their work and how they go about it and see what you can learn and model.Remember them anytime you start to get tired and frustrated and maybe feel like quitting – go back and look at their accomplishments and then get right back in the arena.

That’s a wonderful thing about all the technology at our fingertips these days – a world of information is just a few clicks away…