There are truly many reasons to live in some kind of tiny home – or as I like to call them Little Human Habitats. The number one reason (as far as I’m concerned anyway) is to get out of debt. Debt equals indentured servitude and to put it another way – if you owe money then you are a wage slave. That is a shitty way to live. The number two reason is mobility – if you live in a typical tiny house it will be on a trailer of some type or otherwise mobile – so when and if the need arises then you can move easily and take your tiny home with you. Don’t like your neighbors? Move. Tired of your current city or county, or just want a better opportunity elsewhere? Move.

Finally and maybe even most importantly – by living in a tiny house of some kind  you can live a more self reliant life. What the hell does that mean? To me it means that you can live a life much more of your own choosing and not something chosen for you  by society, or friends or coworkers, or anyone else for that matter – live your own life on your own terms while you are still young enough to be able to have a life worth living to begin with instead of living a normal life in a normal house with all its normal debt and other expenses. A typical normal house  is large and expensive in terms of a mortgage or rent and in terms of maintenance and upkeep. A large normal home of any type certainly isn’t mobile or even movable for that matter – not easily or practically, if it is even possible at all. That makes having such a home an anchor around your neck much more than it is anything else.

Choosing to live in a tiny house, or any other little human habitat can allow you to free yourself and get rid of all the tethers and anchors that weigh most people down throughout their lives. The less debt you have the more freedom you have. The fewer expenses you have the more money you have to improve your life with and get ahead instead of just getting by. The more you do that the more self reliant you can become and the more self reliant you are the better your life will be. You will have more peace of mind – more inner peace than you can even imagine right now.

Most people do not live such fortunate lives. Instead they live lives filled with urgency created by other people and on other peoples schedules. Rush to get to work, rush to get all the work done, then rush home and try to get all the chores done and hopefully have a couple of hours to do something of your own choosing before passing out until the alarm rings oh so early to get up and do it all over aging tomorrow, and the next day and on and on it goes.

Here is the shocker – It does not have to be that way for you!

Of course you have to make the decision – follow the herd and be normal – or find another way. I suggest you look into debt free living philosophy and consider using a tiny house of some type or another little human habitat to get your life headed down a much different path.