Some people are in for a rude awakening.

They get on a bus or a plane and travel halfway across the country to go to orientation with a motor carrier that has offered them a job. But what many fail to realize is that what they have is a conditional offer of employment and that is far different than actually completion of the hiring process and becoming an employee.

There are many things that can and do go wrong during orientation. There may be a discrepancy with a former employer that cannot be cleared up to the carriers satisfaction or a gap in employment that becomes an issue. Some people fail their drug test and in some cases, it can be for prescription drugs that were taken after the prescribed dates, or someone taking insulin or some other issues that no one caught during the initial phone calls.

Others will fail a physical or a physical agility test. Some will even fail their initial road test.

All these things and many more problems can lead to the carrier deciding not to hire you after all.

So what happens then?

Usually, they escort you to their front door or the curb and tell you to have a nice life. At that point, they are done with you and really don’t care much about what happens to you. You are no longer of any value to them.

Sounds cold as hell doesn’t it?

It is.

But it also still happens to unsuspecting drivers and then they have a serious problem.

Listen to this episode and then be sure to not ever let that happen to YOU!