There are certain principles that apply to everything that mankind does.

They are what they are and they do not care about your feelings or your beliefs – you either get it or you don’t – and if you don’t get it, then you will pay a very heavy price.

That is life.

So with that in mind, it is a good idea to learn some of those key principles if you want to do better than just getting by.

Let’s begin with Survival principle number one; Situational Awareness.

You must be aware of what is going on around you and be able to read the indicators effectively. Failure to do so has lead to the destruction of many and significant hardships for countless many more.

You must first learn to recognize and identify potential threats.

One of the biggest sources of threats to you is other human beings – specifically other people who want to do you harm.

There are all kinds of motivates for that occurring, ranging from those who may want to rob you to others who may want to sexually assault you to people who just do not like you and want to attack and hurt you based on any number of things they may not agree with or like.

Some people are just mean, and others are pure evil.

It is your job to realize and recognize the potential for such altercations and to take whatever steps may be necessary to adequately protect and defend yourself and those you care about.

You simply cannot do that if you are walking around in clueless denial about the realities of the world you live in.


Learn to Be More Perceptive About Your Surroundings

You need to wake up and pay attention.

When you do see things that set off (and should!) red flags – then you need to TAKE ACTION!

One of the easiest and safest actions you can take in most situations is to leave – and do so before a critical event occurs that will no longer allow that option.

Once that opportunity is gone then you will have only much more serious choices available to you – and once again – that can all be avoided simply by noticing what is happening and removing yourself and your family from harm’s way before it ever gets to that point.

One additional thing to keep in mind is that most predators are cowards at their core – and they do NOT want a fair fight with anyone that they perceive may rip them a new one – to put it nicely.

They would rather stalk and pounce on those they view as weak and as easy prey.

Make sure you are never easy prey – and the first step in doing that is to maintain situational awareness at all times and then act as soon as action becomes necessary, and do it without hesitation.


See Opportunities Too

What we just discussed was the usefulness from a defensive point of view of maintaining good situational awareness.

There is another reason to do so that is offensive in nature – and that means being able to see and act on opportunities when they occur. This is critical to your success in business and to your success in life overall.

There are going to be many opportunities that will pass close enough to you that you can evaluate them all and when desirable seize the ones that make the most sense, and that matter to you.

Yet you can only do that if you are situationally aware enough to even see the opportunity that is there when it happens. Most people don’t most of the time.

Recognize and evaluate your opportunities when they occur and choose carefully – but quickly – and you will do much better much faster in every area of your life that matters most.

These principles and the skills you need to develop can be taught and they can be learned. If you do not already possess them – then do yourself and your family a huge favor – start learning them TODAY before it is too late for you!