There are many different views on life. Yet there are two that are far-reaching and overriding, and one is the victim mentality. Poor me, I am so unlucky, and the world is out to get me. If only THEY (whoever THEY are depends on who the victim wants to blame). This is a terrible way to go through life Рespecially since it is NOT true!

The other view – and the correct one – is that each person is ultimately responsible for themselves and the choices they make and the actions they take. Those who see life this way realize THEY are in charge and that they are the captains of their own ships sailing through this life. They know their decisions and actions lead them to either success or failure according to what they choose. In other words, it is not a preset fate or destiny bestowed upon them but their own fate to create and their own destiny is by their own hand.

For those in the first group – sorry – I have nothing for you. Nor does anyone else really. You can not help someone who doesn’t want help and isn’t ready to receive it. However if you find yourself in the first group – leave it NOW! Get your head screwed on straight and open your mind – join the second group and then I and many others can and will help you if you want help!

Now let’s talk a little about your work.

Since you are going to spend so many hours of your waking life doing work and since you will be doing it in large part to earn your living (unless you are a trust fund baby or a ward of another)¬† then doesn’t it only make good sense to intentionally choose your work carefully? Sure you have to make a living and earn enough money to do that. But there are many ways to earn money. so choose one that doesn’t stress you out and make your miserable for starters. Then go beyond that and find a way to do work that brings you fulfilment and maybe even joy to be able to do it – and that still provides you with a better than good income.

Forget whatever your dipshit guidance counselor told you – and what anyone else pushed you towards doing. Never mind the degree or the experience you already have – what do YOU really want to do for a living?

Think about that. Write down some notes. Imagine there are no limits. What would it be?

That is your starting point. Then start trying to figure out how you can find a way to move closer towards that ideal – maybe you can go straight toward it – maybe you cant. The realities of your situation will have to be dealt with (I don’t believe in fairy dust and bull shit and you will have certain realities to deal with too as we all do) and you may have to take a zig zag course instead of a direct course – but if what ever you choose is really truely that important to you – then you will find a way to work at least much closer toward it and keep on getting closer stsp by step until you have it – or until you have given all you have to give and done all you can and made it as far as you can go. But where ever that is – it will be of your own intentional choosing and doing.

Start taking some online classes and reading some books. Learn something new. Start a part-time microbusiness. Change careers if you like (become a truck driver – and yes I am serious!) do something different and change your life. Stop allowing others to set your course – stop allowing others to choose your work – stop allowing others to run your whole damn life and start running it yourself!

The point to all this is this – If you are happy with your life, cool – then keep on keeping on until you are not. But one the other hand if you are NOT happy and not getting fulfillment out of your work and your life – then CHANGE IT! You have the power and the right.

Your choice either way.