Here is YOUR Wake Up Call! It’s Time to Become a Homestead Survivalist…

As unsettling as current events are with this Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic are – eventually it will be over and things will return to normal for most people. That is the way it works. History has already taught us this very same lesson over and over again, yet some of us don’t listen or learn anything from it. Others do and they start preparing immediately so the next time something bad happens they will be more prepared for it.

There have been financial meltdowns, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, diseases/pandemics and all sorts of other regional and local events that have wreaked havoc on large groups of people impacted directly by them.

Most people were totally caught off guard and totally unprepared for any of this. How about you – were you ready for this current crisis?

You can go to any store in my region – and most of the country for that matter – and the store shelves where toilette paper is kept along with the other shelves that normally have alcohol and disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and even bottled water are bare or nearly so. The stores which do have some such supplies are now rationing how much they will sell you – one or two cases of water only, depending on the store and the same with paper and other products.

Often you won’t even get that – because at many locations as soon as a truck comes in and makes a delivery there are dozens of people gathered and waiting. As soon as the products come in the back door they go right back out the front – often without ever evening making it to the shelves. People are taking the stuff right off carts and out of the hands of store personal – if they are allowed to do so, and some of them are aggressive and nasty about it too.

There are arguments and even physical altercations breaking out – over toilette paper!

Over other things too, but the crazy thing is that everybody wants toilette paper like it is made out of gold or it has some magical properties. Hell, you might even think some people believe it is a cure… as silly and as crazy as that is – it is how people are acting.

An interesting thing is that during this time you are seeing a glimpse into the true nature of humanity. The truth of how some people act and are going to act when things really go sideways. It isn’t pretty either…

By the way, I am not judging anyone. I am simply making an observation of what I am seeing and what I have already experienced in person in real life. It is what it is and no amount of PCBS will fix it either.

There will be other events.

Do not be fooled into thinking that everything is fine when this is over. It is NOT and it will never be, and it is just a matter of time before the next crisis event occurs. Know that now and never forget it. Get ready for it now.

The Point You Need to Get

There are some things we can do nothing about – and those things are not what you need to focus on. Instead, focus on what you can control and what you can do something about – and then DO SOMETHING about it NOW!

Living the way most of us have been conditioned to live is just wrong – and in my humble opinion, it is stupid. Most people have little to no reserves of anything truly necessary and desirable and if they could not go to the local store and get what they need and want they would immediately begin to feel the negative impact in their lives. Within a few days they would be hungry, within a few more days they would be desperate. That fear and that realization is what is driving a lot of the current nonsense that’s going on today.

By the way, there are far more important things that you need to be concerned about beyond toilette paper!

Start With These 10 Emergency Reserve Supplies

Get these things first and then begin adding other items on a continuous basis.

  1. Water – you should have enough drinking water on hand in bottles or other sealed containers to last you for a minimum of 30 days at all times. having more – enough for 90 to 180 days or even longer is BETTER. So start with a 30 day supply and keep adding to it until you reach your own goal.
  2. Pots and Pans – that are Open Fire Safe, meaning you can cook on an open flame and or inside an oven in them. Buy them on Amazon now.
  3. Fire Starting – Get multiple name brand lighters and keep a supply on hand – also get plenty of matches and keep them in sealed containers and ready. Ferro rods and bow drills are cool and I suggest you get them and learn how to use them too – BUT – in a real emergency use what is easily available and fast and right now that is lighters and matches!
  4. Fire Wood – and other fuel sources. Have at least 3 and stock up. You may have propane in multiple tanks for example, and a large stockpile of firewood, and maybe even some wood-pellets or charcoal. Just have enough on hand for at least 30 days asap and then keep adding to your supplies until you reach your own goal.
  5. Emergency Food – Get cases of noodles/Ramen noodles and get cases of Spam. Really. Then buy Clif bars by the case – these things are essentially meals in little bags that do not need to be refrigerated, cooked or prepared – just open and eat and you have a full belly and enough energy to do what you have to do to continue surviving. All these things are available online and are relatively cheap, simple and they work. Get some now.
  6. Emergency Medical Supplies – If you or a family member require any kind of medications that are essential always make sure you have a good supply on hand at all times -never wait until you are out or almost out to refill prescriptions! Beyond that get and keep a supply of readily available over the counter medications on hand and other first-aid and emergency medical supplies. And learn and know how to use them all…
  7. Disinfectants and Materials to Make More – Everybody is chasing hand sanitizer now and many are not finding it anywhere. Sadly few people have a clue that they can make their own from simple materials that ARE still readily available! Get what you can and get informed and learn how to use bleach and alcohol and other things to make your own stuff. Have the supplies you need on hand at all times and keep adding to them over time.
  8. Candles and Flashlights – Buy a stockpile of candles and also learn how to make your own and start doing it. Have a good supply of flashlights and plenty of batteries on hand too, and short term they will be your primary backup source of light. Be sure to get some hand crank and solar lanterns and light too.
  9. Tools – Start with a good knife (or knives), then an axe, hatchet, saw and a multi-tool and add to your tools from there.
  10. Hunting, Fishing and Defensive Weapons – You need to be able to hunt, to fish and be able to protect yourself and those you care about. Read that again slowly and let it sink in. Whether that means firearms, crossbows, slingshots, etc. – whatever it is – have it and have everything needed to be able to use it and know how to use it all effectively. Learn how to obtain your own food and how to prepare it too.

Keep in mind there are hundreds of things and more that we can make lists from – but you have to START somewhere. Take action and start with this, then build from there and take it as afar as you wish.

Homestead, Survivalist, Prepping

What is old is new again in many ways. The words we choose to put on actions we take and the ways we live are just words that describe those actions and those ways of living in essence.

The ways in which people have lived life over the centuries were learned over the history of the human race from the beginning until the present and so it continues on. Sadly though to many of us have been conditioned to be totally dependent instead of more independent and self-reliant and that has cost us dearly by coddling and conditioning people to no longer learn, do and practice the basic fundamental skills that all of our ancestors once used daily.

Today most people can’t even change the oil in their own car or fix anything at all that breaks. Many people consider “cooking” to be microwaving a pizza or heating up a frozen meal in an electric oven!

For all the many benefits technology and our modern ways of living have provided us all – they have also cost us all dearly.

What happens when there is a crisis of any kind? Panic… and all the problems that bring, some of which are far worse than the original crisis to begin with.

I do not want you to suffer. I want you to do better and I want you to thrive so you can also help many other people do the same – that is if you wish to help them, and I hope you do. But here is the thing… you can’t help anyone else if you can’t even help yourself.

Start learning and applying the things you learn right now. Become a homesteader. Become a survivalist. Become a prepper. Become ready…

Just Take Action and Start TODAY

It would have been better to have been prepared yesterday. That opportunity is already gone.

If you are not prepared yet – the next best time is NOW, NOW and NOW!

Stop putting this off and stop waiting and hoping and start taking action today to begin to make things better for you and for your family so that your chances of survival are greatly increased. Do not wait another day. Do not be like sheep either – it is not the government or anyone else that is ultimately in charge of your own survival – YOU are!

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