There are plenty of people with plenty of opinions on how you should live your life. Some get up on their high horses and not only share their opinions with you but actually try to dictate to you what you MUST do.¬†Others aren’t quite that arrogant but come pretty close. They just try to guilt you into following their ideology or try to shame and shun you until you give in and go along with their flow.

I don’t like people that do either of these things. They can all take their damned opinions and stick them up their …

Well you get the the idea, so I will be nice and not actually complete the sentence – for now anyway.

Share opinions? Absolutely! Take orders? Hell NO!

You and I get to decide for ourselves what makes sense and what doesn’t. How to live. Where to live. How to spend our money and whether to live in a typical fashion or whether to live a more extreme life. We get to decide whether to live nomadic or static or some combination of the two. Whether to live in a tiny house or on a boat, or in a huge more traditional house.

I am intrigued and occasionally amused by reading the writings and opinions of others. Not just people who share my views – I read everything I can from all different points of view, even those who seem to hold views in direct opposition to my own, and doing so helps me understand the perspectives of others even when their viewpoints are things I disagree with.

I am happy to listen to and consider all opinions – just so long as they are presented as opinions and not ultimatums. The things I myself share are but my own opinions and are for you and anyone else interested to consider and see whether it makes any sense or not. That’s it. You have to live your own life and I have to live mine. Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and their own results good bad or otherwise.