Human nature is a funny thing.

When you do things that are different from what everybody else is doing and different from what they think is normal it is unsettling to them. So they try to reel you back in and want you to be more like them once again.

History has proven that again and again. Daily life proves it every day of your life too.

Yet the fact remains – if you want to have an exceptionally better life than what you now have – you have to do different things than you now do.

When you start changing and as you do things differently you will likely encounter all kinds of attempts to get you to stop. Some of it is subtle and some is overt and in your face attempts to influence you.

It will come from total strangers who feel the need to give you their opinion. It will come from family members and close friends, coworkers, and everyone else in between that you interact with.

None of that matters.

At least it doesn’t matter if you decide that is doesn’t matter and it doesn’t mean anything more than you allow it to mean. Just know that it is coming for you the moment you start to stray from the herd.

What does matter is what you decide to do about it. That you need to decide in advance, meaning now.

Will you allow opinions of other people to cause you to change course – or will you stay on a course you have set for yourself and build yourself a better life?

The pressure can be intense. It can wear you down over time if it doesn’t cause you to change immediately.

That is why it is so important to have specific intentional goals and plans and know for certain who you are, what you are about and what you are working to do with your life.

If you know that – and believe it truly – then nothing anyone else says or does matters. Its just noise in the wind to you.

Then you do not need to argue. You don’t need to explain, all you need to do is focus and stay on course and keep making steady progress step after step after step from one goal to the next.

With that I will end this short post with a few questions for you to ask yourself and for you to ponder;

Who are you?

What are you trying to accomplish in life?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Are you true to that and are you working daily toward written, specific goals following specific plans of your own choosing toward making it happen?

Why or why not?

Will you allow other people to stop you – or are you going to follow your own true course and build a better life?