Whether you are looking for adventure and more independence or just looking for a way to escape from a crappy job you don’t like Trucking might just be the answer you have been searching for – a way to a better life. For some it will be all they can hope for and more… but for others it sadly will not be the right choice.

As much as we may want it to be trucking can’t and won’t meet the needs of everyone equally – nothing in this life ever can nor ever will. But is it for you? Or are you one of the folks who would be better off to keep looking until you find something else that will work better for you? That you have to decide for yourself.

What I can tell you is this – you do have choices…

It may not seem like it sometimes when things aren’t going the way you want them to go. You may feel stuck – or trapped even. Feeling like you have to just keep slugging away day after day at a job you hate doing things day in and day out that bring you no sense of accomplishment and little if any real satisfaction either.

If you find yourself in such a situation and not happy at all – then why not change it?

Try something different. Do your homework and get accurate information about what ever it is you may decide to try regardless of what it is and then pull the trigger and do it. If you dare…

Do your own rocking chair test. Imagine yourself many years in the future. You are sitting on your front porch in a rocking chair reflecting back on your life. You are very old now, and no longer able to do the things you want. You know that soon enough your time left on this earth will be done and the book called your life will be finished.

As you reflect back over all the things done and left unfinished, all of your accomplishments and all of your missed opportunities – thinking back from then to this day, and this moment in time what will you think? Will you be happy that you took a chance and did something bold and changed your life – in what ever way that may go – or that you never did even try. That you just kept slugging away day after day after day … until you landed in that chair on that porch?

I don’t remember for certain where I read or heard that basic story the first time – though I have heard it many times in many different versions from different people over the years, but I think it was from Tony Robbins where I first encountered it if I recall correctly. Seems like (and I may have it wrong so don’t put much weight on it without looking it) he was responding to whether he should take the risk and make the effort to become a helicopter pilot or not – or just take the safe route and stay on the ground or do something less dangerous instead of learning to fly a helicopter.

He made his choice – and he didn’t stay on the ground. Your turn now.

Do your own rocking chair test – make a decision and do what ever you decide to do. It’s your life so choose your own course before you run out of time.

What ever you do whether or not that may involve trucking or something else entirely – do it right. Do it to the absolute best of your ability. Get good information, a good instructor, a good coach and the right training so you can achieve all that you are capable of.