Over the years I have had many conversations with friends, relatives and others about debt and money, and especially my ideas on debt free philosophy. Often the topic of which perspective is right and which is wrong has come up one way or another. ” What makes you think your way is the best way for everybody?” is really the root of the question. The answer is “I never said it was”.  It is one way among many. It is what I feel is the best way for me, and it is a way I know will work for those  who choose to follow it too – but it is not the right path for everyone. It is not the easiest path either. It is like a single path at an intersection of many paths. You may continue along the path you have already been following in life, or you may choose a different path to try. To me it is relatively simple – if you are happy with your life and your personal finances the way things are then keep doing what you have been doing.

Its when you are no longer happy that you really need to do something different. I know that many people are not happy with their personal financial situations and they desperately want a better way of life. The problem is that so many don’t know where to turn or what to do to make it better. Different people put forth different ideas about what needs to be done – some are directly opposite of others. Some are relatively minor changes and others are more extreme. My ideas are the most extreme that I currently am aware of. I despise ALL DEBT. Debt and all that it brings damages and destroys so much in this world, and for me the solution is total elimination of all debt and following debt free philosophy for the rest of my life.

What about you? That is a choice you must make for yourself. Its not up to me and I am not responsible for you – you are. Its your choice, your life, your responsibility and you will get from your life in accordance to what you choose to do in your life. As for those who love credit cards and mortgages and student loans and all manner of consumer debt – don’t worry, I’m not coming to your homes to slap the credit cards out of your hands. I’m not going to follow you around and berate you because you like debt and are happy being normal. Its no problem, really. It is your life after all. As long as you are happy with it so be it. So long as you don’t try to dictate to me how to live my life either, we are all good.

If the day ever comes when you are no longer happy with your normal life, then you might want to take another look at the path I chose and see if  it makes any more sense to you then than it does now. It also wouldn’t hurt to look at potential risks now and see if you think making preparations for likely challenges might be worthwhile or not.