It’s always going to be more about how you manage what you make than just the amount you make. If you make a million but spend a million and a half you have a problem and you will always be screwed financially. Insert any amount you like – whether you earn $300 per week, $3000 or $30,000 per week and anything in between – what matters is the ratio. You must spend far less than you make if you want to get ahead instead of just getting by.

Look at all the movie stars and others who make or have made multiple millions – yet are broke or struggling now. Look at athletes and lottery winners – same thing. They have made massive amounts of money – yet they managed to piss it away faster than it came in and that is a perfect illustration of the problem of the perception that income alone is a solution – because it never is. Not by itself.

The same thing happens on a smaller scale but still a ratio problem with most truck drivers – and others too by the way – and people always spend equal to or in excess (debt through financing all kinds of stuff) of what they earn.

So there is where much of your attention should be focused if you want to get ahead instead of getting by – first get the ratio right – live below your means. Far below it. Next work to increase your income to – more income is better – if you have your finances under control.

Use extreme methods – if you dare – and change your life dramatically and quickly.  Use good systems for time and task management and plan out your trips to maximize your income. Consider other things you can do while you are on the road to increase your income, cut your expenses, manage your time better and overall improve your life…