Everyone wants to talk about passive income. The attraction and the dream is a powerful thing, but for most people, the reality will never line up with the vision.

While it is true that there are realistic and legitimate ways to produce more income Рwhat good is it when the same pattern of behavior that caused the problems in the first place have not first been changed?

To go even a bit further – realistically most people do not have an income problem at all. They have a money management problem. At the root of their financial troubles, failing to manage their money is the real problem. Sure making more money would be nice, and when used properly it will also help. However, unless the root problem is addressed any gain made from just making more money will be temporary. It will not last.

Then when the dust settles these people are actually worse off than before.

Instead of making their lives better they just used the extra money to help them buy more crap on credit and go deeper down the rabbit hole into ever more debt.

Before you go chasing side gigs and searching for the magic formula for passive income I suggest that you take the time and effort to get a grip on your money and start effectively managing your existing personal finances first.