What does it all mean? The truth is that all that matters is what matters to you. What do you want it to mean and what are you trying to accomplish? Read any number of books and or blogs and you get different philosophies and different definitions and explanations on what a given philosophy is to begin with. I think that many people worldwide are suffering under the crushing weight of rampant consumer debt fueled by all manner of credit induced fever. Get it now pay for it later!

This consumer mentality causes all manner of problems for multitudes of people. They cant stop working or even slow down a little. The money being earned is already all spent before it ever comes in. So off to work to earn money for the lenders it is. Stress, stress and more stress. After awhile some people get tired, some even become fed up with this rat race way of living and that is what motivates them to look for alternative ways of living.

Life is dynamic. It is ever changing and situations and circumstances evolve in each of our lives. We all experience challenges, victories and tragedies. That is why we need to consider exactly what will work best for each of us at any given point in life is more often than not different from person to person. Sleeping on a bamboo floor in a hut in the woods while only owning one pair of shorts and a T Shirt to your name isn’t realistic for quite a lot of people. Nice fantasy perhaps, but little more. Yet there are a few who will do it – or at least give it a try. I say more power to them! That’s what is great about life. They get to decide what is realistic for them and what isn’t and then they get to go and try it if they have the guts and determination to do so.

The more important thing is not whether you have a lot or whether you have a little or whether you have something in between – rather its about whether or not you have what you need to be happy. Isn’t that what we all seek to one point or another? To be HAPPY? Try as we might there is never going to be one way or one thing that will get anywhere near that for all of us at the same time. So it seems that the better course of action is to seek out something that will work for you personally right now. Whether or not it fits someone else’s definition or philosophy or not is really quite irrelevant.

Many of the ideas about alternative ways to live right now have at their core the aim to eliminate as much of the unessential and the unfulfilling things from life while at the same time focusing more on and doing more of the things that do matter the most. So what about you? What really matters to you right now?