What you do to earn a living is so important and takes up so much of your life it should at the very least be something you enjoy too. It should bring you a certain satisfaction and fulfillment too at the same time. Here is the deal – whatever you do is a matter of choice. I know you know that deep down. But sometimes people forget that they can change jobs, businesses, and careers anytime they want to. So consider this a gentle reminder. You can change your life and what you do for a living anytime you decide to do it.

Even if you are content with what you do now – you might want to get in the habit of learning some new skills NOW just in case. Today’s world is not so stable as it may have once been, at least in terms of the speed of changes which is becoming ever faster. So think of what interests you and go take some classes and learn some new skills.

As far as the site and our business update goes – we are so close to having this massive project finished! At least as much as such a thing can ever be finished anyway. I think of it like a very large boat or a ship, even when it is finished being built it will always be undergoing upgrades, additions, improvements, and maintenance as long as it is afloat – and this is no different. The ship is almost built, but it still has to be loaded out, stores and supplies moved aboard, and the rest of the crew has to be recruited and trained. So kind of like that – and that’s where we are at, but it is exciting.

Soon our emphasis can shift from all the site design and build stuff to producing more courses and content. We did launch our YouTube channel, for now just our intro – but hey its a start! We also did the same¬†with Vimeo, and hopefully will have our GoToStage channel up and working with its intro in a few days. We have several courses we are trying to get published too on different platforms between all the other stuff – and build out our new Free Resources page and Additional Resources pages on our site. Some of these things have taken a little longer than we planned, but we are still making progress, step by step by step…

Thanks for listening and reading and I will talk to you again soon.