Well, it’s official… interviews have finally begun!

For quite a while now I have thought about seeking out and talking with other people about what they do and what they think on a variety of topics.

This is especially true when it comes to Income Production Opportunities, including all kinds of ways to make more money.


The simple fact is that while we all need and want to make more money – we do not all want to do it the same way. We each have our own ideas of what is a good job or a good business opportunity and what isn’t. Even then some ways work better than others in terms of feasibility and potential income to be earned.

That’s why getting the right information will help you choose better solutions for yourself which will help you make more money and hopefully enjoy life so much more in the process too!

Recently I spoke with Jeff Brown about what a locksmith is and does and the basics of what is involved with getting started.

Jeff is an entrepreneur, an author, and a successful locksmith with almost 30 years of experience. He and I are both members of Wealthy Affiliate which is how I met Jeff.

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Jeff was kind enough to spend some time with me discussing what is involved with becoming a locksmith and owning and running a locksmith business.

Since he has owned and operated his own locksmith business for almost three decades and counting, so he has a wealth of experience and information that could certainly help anyone looking to get into the locksmith business.

Part-Time or Full-Time Locksmith Options

Based on our discussion it could be good for someone interested in becoming a locksmith to begin learning the trade and the business as well as acquiring tools and supplies while still working an existing job.

Then as the business grows and skills and abilities continue to improve the decision can be made to continue as a part-time only business for additional income, or choosing a time to ditch the primary job and go full time as a locksmith.

Check out the interview on our Income Production Opportunities channel on YouTube (it will be uploaded as soon as I finish editing it!) and then decide if becoming a locksmith is something you might be interested in investigating further or not.

There will also be an audio-only version of the interview on the L.D. Sewell Podcast within a few days or so – and you can listen to it anywhere anytime once it’s uploaded.

Why You Need Multiple Sources of Income

You may have noticed, the world has changed.

There is no such thing as a stable income or job security anymore and believing there is can lead to serious financial and life problems.

That’s why it is more important than ever before in history to have more than one source of income that is capable of meeting all of your core needs for your family and yourself. I suggest working to build at least 3 – and overtime more than than that. In this case, more is better!

That’s per person by the way – in case you may be wondering.

So ideally that means you personally are producing income from at least 3 sources at all times – and if you have a mate/spouse or significant other – then they too should be working to produce at least three separate sources of income that any one of alone could support you both if need be.

I’m just saying – that’s an idea for you to consider and see if you want to use it or not – your decision and your life.

But do hear this… there is no more job security – and depending on any single source of income alone can lead to severe hardship for you and your family. So whatever you do – please – find a way to generate at least some extra income from some other income production opportunity of your own choosing.

There is no one thing that s the right thing for everyone, but there is at least one thing that is the right thing for you right now!

Find something that works for you and start learning more about it now. It can be both fun and profitable – and may save you someday too.

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