Little did I know how ironic that title would be. After I tried to upload the post Monday the whole site crashed! Actually, the server went down and apparently so did many other sites too. But we are back! We have also taken many steps to hopefully minimize problems in the future – but in this life and certainly in the cyber world – there can never be any total guarantees. So you do the best you can and roll with the punches.

In this episode I talk about being prepared out on the road – and the same principles apply at home too. Always be ready for bad weather and extreme conditions. Carry extra water and food in your vehicle at all times. Have extra blankets and warm clothing and always keep your fuel tanks filled – much more important in the winter than it is in the summer – so when you get below half your total fuel capacity – starting looking for a place to fill up.

It just snowed here again – and when that happens and the temps are very low – especially when it is unusual for an area, people get caught off guard. They cant get to the stores so they run out of food and supplies. They lose power so they have no water (wells and pumps) and worse – no heat. Pipes freeze and burst because people do not have basement heat – and they do not have exposed pipes insulated properly.

The list goes on and on. You can help avoid such hardships by making your own list and getting ready BEFORE you have an event or crisis where you need stuff you don’t have.

Make a list and use it to help make sure you are ready. Start getting the things you need, and making the changes that need to be made now and you will be far better off when something happens – and sooner or later – something WILL happen…