I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend.

Another year is quickly coming to a close and so it’s always good to do some reflecting on your life and how it’s all going for you. As you contemplate everything┬áremember that you are the one at the helm. It is your life. You decide how to live it.

So maybe its time to think about trying something new if you want a different life – a better life.

Only by doing something different will you ever be able to get different results. Keep in mind nothing is ever perfect. Your assumptions, mental images, and expectations won’t always line up exactly with reality. Never the less – if you keep trying you will make PROGRESS. And that is as close to the secret as it gets. Just keep trying, keep taking action, take more action, adjust – rinse and repeat.

You will fail. Failure is the price of success. But if you keep trying you will ultimately succeed too.

So decide – then go do it.