The key to making things happen and getting things done isn’t in making single big moves – but rather by consistently making small but steady progress each and every day. In other words, step by step by step – that is how you can realistically get from where you are right now in life to where you want to be.

You can and should also use task management systems to help you see where you are going, stay on course and on schedule and assist you with getting the important things done each day. If you do that you will be among the two in ten who actually accomplish meaningful things in life. Too many people work their asses off – but in reality, they are just spinning their wheels and wasting their lives – they focus all their effort on things that in the big picture of life overall are near meaningless…

So all they are really doing is just enough to get by in the normal world and the normal system. People I choose to work with don’t want that anymore at all – they want to get ahead in life instead of just being normal and just getting by. To get ahead – as I repeatedly mention – requires a few key things;

  1. Vision
  2. Goals
  3. Plans
  4. Task Management Systems
  5. Support (Information/training/feedback/community etc.)

Part of a good task management system will include checklists. Think about that for a moment – who uses checklists?

Pilots, surgeons, the military, astronauts and many many others. Why? Because they work! There are simply too many things to keep track of and with all the noise and clutter in the world constantly competing for attention and the fact that it is very hard to always remember everything needed to be remembered time after time without ever forgetting anything, and in some fields forgetting a single switch or setting or key task will have severe consequences. That is where a checklist steps in and saves the day.

In some of the things – such as the ones we mentioned – failing to remember key things can be fatal and otherwise catastrophic on much more massive scales depending on what is involved. That’s why they use checklists – to do everything possible to make sure they don’t skip or miss a critical step.

You may not be handling life and death situations as a matter of business or part of your daily routine – yet in your personal and business life missing key things can still cause you and others in your life serious problems. So why not use a  checklist when needed as part of your own personal task management system to help you accomplish more and enjoy your life more in the process at the same time?