Nothing is ever truly perfect or complete. Not really. everything can always be refined, improved and made better. Beyond that, far too many people fiddle around with things forever trying to get them just right Рand as a result, they never even launch their project or do whatever it is they are trying so hard to get done.

Others don’t even start.

Instead, they wait for the RIGHT TIME or better conditions.

Here is the real deal – there will never be a perfect time either, not until you make it a perfect time by simply choosing NOW and doing the thing!

I have read thousands of books, taken hundreds of courses both live in person and online, and read tens of thousands of articles, reports, and guides. Seldom if ever have I found one that was perfect. They all had issues. Some had several typos, others had grammatical errors and formatting problems. Some had holes in their information. Others had serious mistakes, errors, omissions or some combination of all of the above.

Yet they were done. They exist. And I got something useful out of damn near every one of them – including the terrible ones, which I learned more about what NOT to do from.

This comes to mind as I and my wife work diligently to complete numerous reports, guides, checklists, courses, videos and even our massive site and membership areas. It’s not perfect. But its getting done and launched. Step by step by sequential step…

And that reminds me to remind you… just get started NOW and get it done. Whatever IT is to you, stop putting it off and start making it happen. Get it good enough and get it launched and out in the big bad real world. Don’t let another day slip away without you taking action.

You will learn as you go, and you can improve along the way. You can go back and tweak your work as needed if you need to – but after you launch it – and that way you get stuff that matters done.