That is true with every single aspect of your life and especially so when it comes to your personal financial management decisions and philosophy. How you look at credit and debt and how  you see yourself in relation to societal norms determines everything you will or won’t have when in comes to money and how you live. Society has it’s own ideas of course – in accordance with societal norms you are viewed as a “consumer” and the system prefers you fall in line and stay in line as such.

If and whenever you attempt to deviate you will get negative feedback from multiple sources which all align to recallibrate you back into the fold – much like a cow attempting to leave the herd – that is frowned upon by the powers that be, and they will try to guide you and prod you back into joining the main herd. The more extreme measures you take to leave normal, the harder the resistance from mainstream society will be. It doesn’t like dissenters – it likes conformers.

Thankfully you do have the ability to decide for yourself to either play along and go with the flow – or strike out in some other direction of your own choosing. Of course you have to be aware such a choice exists – and now you are. You do in fact have options – so choose wisely.  You could decide to take a path that parallels the mainstream, and is just adjusted a little more to your own benefit and liking, or you could choose something entirely different. Even if it is ninety degrees out or even one hundred eighty degrees different from the course of main stream society – it is all your choice.

Societies course when it comes to money is debt and lots of it. Buy, buy buy! Then buy some more! Never mind whether you can afford it. Never mind whether or not you need it. Never mind even whether you want it or not – buy it anyway because your family, friends and neighbors are and you do want to fit in – don’t you? But if you take the time and effort to sit back and take a good long hard look at it, then it begins to appear much differently.

Such behavior is absolutely NOT in the best interest of the individual – so who does it really serve? Who benefits from all this massive credit and it’s resulting debt? Who benefits by having you so busy working so hard just to pay for all this crap that you don’t have any free time or energy to think about bigger issues? Who benefits when you don’t have the time and the money to travel to events and speak your own mind? Who benefits when you don’t have the resources to actively participate in major decision making events?

If you think about it you will come up with the right answers – and in all cases its not you reaping benefits.

Make up your own mind and form your own philosophy. Here is mine – All debt is a disease and should be illuminated. I believe in extreme debt elimination and using any and all tactics available to eradicate all existing debt.  Others may adopt the same or a similar belief – or they may choose to simply eliminate certain debts and minimize others. Many others will just continue to be normal.

What about you?