A very short podcast with another quick update. We will be launching our latest new course on Udemy very soon and also our very first courses in our own Training Center here on our site through our Teachable platform, and we also have our first course scheduled to launch on Skillshare too. So there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on day and night here now.

I think there may be a lesson or two (maybe a few!) in all this too. If you are thinking about starting your own online training and publishing company you need to clearly understand it will take time and effort to build the business. More time to grow it. More time to scale it and you will just have to hang in there and keep at it if you want to do it bad enough to go out there and actually do it instead of just dreaming about it.

Teaching online courses and publishing books and eBooks, manuals etc. is NOT a passive business. I laugh when I hear people say that and it amuses me. You can call it whatever you please – but just clearly understand it will take a ton of work to make it happen. True, once a course is launched it is mostly passive income – but not completely. You still have to update and maintain your courses, improve them, be available for your students, answer questions, do your own marketing and a ton of other stuff. Not to mention the fact you will very likely need a lot of courses – not just one, or a few.

Building those courses takes time and effort and a lot of thought and some research too. No matter how well you may already know a topic there are always things you need to cover that you will not know or that you will need a great deal more information on. That takes more time and more work. So I do love it all – the entire process – and I enjoy all of my work, it just takes time.

Anyway I am about done for the day as I write this post and as of this moment it is 1031 PM and I think that’s about enough for the day since I started very early this morning.

More info and resources coming soon!