Make Life On The Road A Little Better Each Trip…

When you drive for a living and spend a lot of time living out of your truck on the road the things you bring with you make a lot of difference to your comfort and happiness out there.

Some things are obvious but others you may not consider until you need them. Thinking about how you live daily when you are at home and all the things you use out of habit without even thinking about it consciously can help. Try to pay attention to what you are using and write everything down over the course of a few days. Use that along with the information I mention in this podcast and you will be off to a good start.

Then as you are out there doing the job and find you need something or think of something you would just like to have write it down. Next time you get to a store or back home again then go get it and add it to your truck so that way each trip is a little more comfortable than the last.

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