When we are able to clarify what we want from our lives and when we better understand what we need then we can focus on and do the things necessary to move toward a happier life. Here is a little guide to help you do that;
1. Get clear with yourself – what is it you want to do and have. Think about it for a while, make a decision and then write it down. This is your major purpose in this life.
2. Evaluate – look at the things you have, and determine if these things are helping you toward that purpose, distracting you from it or otherwise holding you back. Does a particular thing serve a meaningful real purpose in your life and do you want it? Discard things that don’t serve a purpose and that you do not really want.
3. Write it Down – It doesn’t really matter if it’s pen and paper or on your computer or smart phone just so long as you review it often. Preferably morning noon and night every single day. This will become a habit very soon if you start doing it.
4. Begin Now – This is where so many stumble. Its also where the rubber meets the road so to speak. It is the difference that makes all the difference. Take a step do something little but just do something toward your goals. When tomorrow comes do it again. Little by consistent little you will accomplish amazing things.
5. Accept Close Enough – little if anything you ever do will be perfect. It’s OK. I write. I publish what I write. I write books, blog posts, articles and I occasionally design things. When it’s close enough I launch it and don’t look back. None of it is perfect. None of it will ever be. But all of it exists and it’s close enough to get the ideas and information out there. The greatest novel or book, plan or whatever else that a person can come up with is of nothing but an idea if it is never actually published. So it is with any other work. Get it good enough and call it a day and then start working on the next task.
6. Let it Go – I know people who will drive themselves nuts obsessing over things when they go wrong. They replay the incident or event over and over in their minds, tormenting themselves. They agonize over what they feel like they should have or could have done differently. That is a bull shit way to go through your life – so don’t do it. Just let it go. If it didn’t kill you then you can and should get past it. You have the choice to let it go or keep replaying it over and over too. Learn from it and move on and don’t think about it beyond that. Think of your mind as being like a bright search light, you can focus it in whatever direction and upon whatever you choose to focus it on. Don’t focus on past crap.

7. Learn to say NO – some people are wonderful. Others are a pain in the ass. Most are somewhere in between. Regardless of their intentions they can distract, interfere and undermine your efforts to reach your own goals. For example you have set aside time to work on a specific task – the doorbell rings and it’s a neighbor who just decided she would drop over since she had nothing better to do. What do you do? Let her in and let her eat up your time or say no and send her away and suggest she call first next time? Wouldn’t that be rude? What is more important to you – reaching your goals or worrying about whether a neighbor you hardly like to begin with thinks you are rude or not. Send her packing. In real life there are so many such things that others will do to you that you will never accomplish anything worth accomplishing if you try to make them all happy – and you never will be able to do that no matter how hard you try. I’m not saying you have to be completely intolerable of others but at the same time you can’t allow inconsiderate people to waste your most valuable commodity – your time – whenever they feel like it either.
8. Walk More Eat Less – there is the secret to a better life. You don’t need a fitness trainer, gym membership or plastic surgery. You just need to eat less food and move more. The best and simplest way to move more is to walk. Walk at a brisk pace for at least 30-45 minutes every single day. You will improve your cardio and you will lose weight. Throw in a few crunches (30 or so) and some cat stretches each morning and night and you will be amazed at what a difference something so simple and so easy can make in your life.
9. Help Another Today – It can be something as simple as opening a door for someone you don’t know, or just giving someone a sincere compliment that brightens their day. Do it and you will find that you feel better too. Some call it karma.
10. Relax – each day take a little time to just relax. This is time for you and you alone. Find a quiet and comfortable place and just sit down and get comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out. Everything is OK. Listen to the sound of the air entering and leaving your lungs as you breathe. Picture something that brings calmness in your mind.