Want to get your CDL and start a new career as a professional truck driver? Or maybe you already have and are trying to figure out how to build your career and get the most out of it.

How about becoming a freight broker and starting your company out of the comfort of your own home in just a few weeks, and then growing it over time to whatever your vision is?

Perhaps you dream of owning your own rig and running your own business as an Independent Owner Operator or maybe you have even bigger hopes and dreams of starting and building a sizable trucking fleet of your own?

Trucking offers you almost unimaginable opportunities – if you are willing to learn and willing to work both hard and smart. But it won’t be simple or easy – not if you do it right. It will take specialized information, training and plenty of good old-fashioned hard work. If you are willing and able to do what needs to be done and then go do it – the rewards are immense.

There are many reasons thousands of men and women start new careers in trucking every single year.

But the sad reality is that many of them are going to get some hard cold lessons fast and then just as quick as they came into the industry they will quit and leave by the thousands too.

Why does this happen?

Some of the main reasons it happens and keeps on happening year after year include;

  • Failure to understand the industry
  • Attempting to start a career without proper preparation
  • Unrealistic initial pay expectations
  • Difficulty or unwillingness to adjust to the lifestyle
  • Lack of adequate training and information
  • Relying on misinformation and incomplete information
  • Not having adequate support

The plain old truth is too many people jump in too fast without bothering to look long enough and hard enough to see what they are really jumping into clearly. So they make the wrong choices and then decide the reality is too much to handle – so they quit.

So now that you know that – don’t do it.

Instead take a little time to do some research, take some classes and ask enough questions to get all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision on whether trucking is the right career choice for you at this time in your life or not – and if so what aspect of it do you want to pursue?

Then you can begin to formulate some specific goals and plans. Do that and you will hit the ground running and be much more likely to succeed than all those others who never really even have a chance.

I teach a variety of courses and provide information on trucking and other topics through multiple methods across multiple platforms. Currently, I have several trucking related courses on Udemy and have more in process now that will become available soon in my own Training Center on my site at www.ldsewell.com which will cover every aspect of starting and building a successful trucking career all the way up to becoming an owner-operator and beyond that to starting and operating and growing a successful fleet to 100 trucks and beyond.

Through our site, on our Free Resources page, and on our Additional Resources page we are also offering free checklists and other downloadable information to help you get started when you are ready. Beyond that, we currently have a new Facebook Group that can help you too, and you are more than welcome to come join us!

If you are interested primarily in information on getting your CDL, getting through training and starting and building a professional truck driving career then check out our group on facebook. Whether you are interested in starting a career as a Professional Truck Driver or starting, building, growing and or managing a business as an Independent Owner Operator, Freight Broker and or Fleet Owner then come and join our Trucking Business Success group.