We have been VERY busy for months now creating this site, all its elements, the graphics, and all of our associated groups and sites. Abbie has had her hand full day and night and has gone too and beyond the breaking point to build all of this stuff at a breakneck pace. She has managed to take my ideas and visions and turn them into reality – all by herself.

Not another designer, developer, web guru etc of any sort has touched this site yet…

Though she will be getting some much needed help in the not too distant future to help her maintain, update and keep all that she created up, operating and functioning well. But not just yet. She still has to carry that burden alone for a little longer, and I GREATLY appreciate it – So THANK YOU Abbie!


Just to document a bit I suppose, as of this date 013118, the site is FINALLY finished! As much as it ever will be anyway, as far as building and linking ALL the major systems and elements that is. Most of them have been done for weeks now – but there were a few major pieces of this giant puzzle that weren’t quite in place yet, but they are now.

Of course, somthing such as this is never completely finished, as long as it exists it will always be having things added, changed, upgraded and refined. Yet a major milestone and waypoint have now been achieved and I am very excited and happy about that.

Now we are cranking out reports, checklists, guides, manuals, eBooks, books and courses to fill it all with content. That will take a few more weeks of long hard days to have it off to a reasonable start and that adding content and resources to our site and our ever growing library of courses and our library of digitals resources will never end, not until I end anyway.

From now on I will be doing regular periodic membership posts, but for now, that will about do it. Talk to you again soon in the next one.