When I first began thinking about what I wanted my publishing and training business to be about and how I would create and deliver the specialized information products, training, services such as online courses, workshops, coaching and mentoring and other resources I knew what I wanted to do but not how to actually do it all.

Even as far back as 2009 – 2010 I initially thought about having multiple websites to attract potential students, customers, and clients – but back then my own understanding of the technology necessary was not nearly sufficient nor was the actual technology I needed and wanted ready yet.

Today it is. Also, my own knowledge and training continues to improve and I have learned enough to build multiple sites, video channels, training academies and publications – including training manuals and digital products to support it all.

My primary interests all lead toward helping people who want help choose their own goals and systematically take action to build themselves better lives on an ongoing basis.

The core areas I focus mainly on are based around;

  1. Success Driven Systems
  2. Trucking Business Success
  3. Income Production Opportunities (Build Your Own Business Empire)

Within each of these core areas are multiple other areas and what most people call niches that are interconnected and interrelated in some ways.

Separating them into different sites, channels, and supporting them via other platforms enables me to reach more people, and for multiple search engines to better be able to find, sort and make available the particular resources by category – niche. Or at least that is the idea and over time we shall see how well it works.

The following are my current core sites;

  1. www.ldsewell.com
  2. www.transportresourcesolutions.com
  3. www.truckingbusinesssuccess.com
  4. www.successdrivensystems.com
  5. www,incomeproductionopportunities.com
  6. www.buildyourownbusinessempire.com
  7. www.humanhabitatsolutions.com
  8. www.homsteadsurvivalistsolutions.com
  9. www.buildyourownstuff.com
  10. www.sellerdirectservices.com
  11. www.functionalfitnessandrecreation.com
  12. www.pdtctransport.comĀ 

Beyond that, all of these sites are still under construction – and probably always will be as a site is never really finished. Never the less once each site is live, they are serving their intended purposes and providing specialized information and access to additional resources all of which add value and help people achieve specific goals and objectives.

As I continue to learn and apply more and more digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and general business building and marketing tactics and methods I am sharing them all with my students and my clients. You can get access to it all if you like too. There are several ways to do that.

Read my blog posts on the sites that interest you most, and also watch YouTube videos on the related channel that goes with the specific sites/blogs.

You can join one of our free groups on Facebook, and you can take my courses on Udemy or in our own training academies and training centers – which you can find links too from our sites.

Another effective way to get my help is to join my personal network within one of the platforms I recommend and get access to my personal training, coaching, and mentoring services. If you are interested in joining me – you can do that right now right HERE.

By the way – the things you will learn if you join me are applicable to ANY business and will help you market whatever business you decide to build, including traditional brick and mortar small businesses too. Everybody searches first online for anything and everything they want – and you NEED to learn how to market your business where people are looking and in ways, they will find it!

It is faster and easier to make progress when you get access to specialized information, training, help, and support. I am here and available to help you if and when you want my help. Until we meet – I wish you all the best in all you do in business and in life!