Right now almost all of our focus is on finishing the few remaining major tasks to finish our site and link all our other platforms to it, and get some content in them all. That has been a massive project that has taken us almost about half a year give or take. We are very excited and happy to finally get to this point and we are putting in longer hours than usual working to get it all done.

Next the work focuses on developing more courses, content, and resources and finally, after that, we will begin actively recruiting members for our membership and our facebook groups.

Our founding members in our membership and our first two facebook groups are going to be getting all kinds of special benefits and opportunities that will never again be available to anyone else. Most they are going to get FREE just because they are our founding members and that is our way of saying thanks for helping build our community. Other benefits will include a lifetime Inner Circle membership with all its benefits for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee each month – and that rate will be locked in for life and never go up – so long as they remain members.

They will also get massive amounts of help from me personally in the form of coachingĀ and consulting if they want it.

Our next course “How To Become An Independent Owner Operator” will be live on Udemy by the end of this week… hopefully – or next week at the latest but it is coming and should be available very soon!

So thats whats happening right now.

As always thanks for listening and I will talk to you soon in the next one.