What Are You Waiting For?

Now is the time to become a truck driver if you have been thinking about it for awhile. Today there are plenty of great opportunities for you in trucking right now. Many companies are paying huge sign on bonuses and offering bucket loads of other benefits because the driver shortage is making it difficult for them to move all the freight that is available – and for some its impossible to expand or even hold what they have because they don’t have enough drivers!

That means more opportunity for you – if you are willing to do the job and learn how to do it efficiently.

The reason the driver shortage exists is really not one thing but many things;

  1. Older drivers (Baby Boomers) and others are aging and retiring or leaving trucking
  2. Existing drivers sometimes are  no longer able to meet medical or insurance standards in some cases
  3. Younger prospective drivers are not as interested in trucking because of time on the road and away from home and other reasons
  4. Relatively low starting pay and misunderstandings relating to pay realities
  5. Industry has done a poor job of promoting its opportunities
  6. Most carriers SUCK at recruiting!
  7. They are worse at retention

Regardless of WHY – the fact is trucking companies need more drivers and they need YOU NOW!

Even if you stumbled upon this and have never even had the thought of becoming a truck driver cross your mind before – don’t write it off – not until you check it out and see what all it has to offer you.

Those interested in becoming entrepreneurs – here is your chance!

You can use trucking to start and build your own business. Either inside of trucking or another business entirely not related to trucking – by just using trucking temporarily as a stepping stone long enough to make it happen. If you would like to learn more – join me personally live online for a FREE webinar on August 25 at 6:00 PM eastern to find out what you need to do to get started and more about various opportunities and options available to you.


The link can be found on the courses page and then the webinars button on our site. That will take you to the webinar site where you can register now and up to the date of the event – as long as there are open seats left. Seats are LIMITED! So sign up now if you want to attend…


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