Mastermind Alliances and Mastermind Groups 

Napoleon Hill was one interesting guy. He interviewed and studied most of the super successful people of his day and one of the things he learned was that they all had other people who were in some way shape or form part of an inner circle or group that met and worked together on each others problems. The power of the many always far exceeds the power of any one person alone.

Sometimes it can be as simple as having a different perspective from a detached point of view. Other times it may be some unique skill and or experience that a member has that another doesn’t, and it may be a skill or experience that took decades to learn and develop – all of which can be shared instantly.

Combine that concept with multiple other people and you have a powerhouse of experience and insight that would take hundreds of years to develop – which of course is impossible for any single individual to ever accomplish. The good news is that such power is available to us all – if we can only find and become a member of a group that is interested and capable of working together to solve common problems and can help each other reach individual goals.

I am working to build just such a group of highly motivated people – people who want to get out of debt, build businesses, effectively manage divisions, departments and companies. People who are entrepreneurs and take pride in independence and self reliance – yet at the same time want to work with other people seeking the same things. People who understand the value and the power of an alliance. People who want to escape the rat race and build successful careers while at the same time build better lives for themselves and for those they care most about.

Abbie (my wife and business partner) and I are hard at work daily building out the structure and systems of our membership site. The structure is now in place (mostly) and the internal community board is up and running fine – just waiting for you! If you are serious about changing your life for the better and want to be part of our community on the ground floor – then sign up and come on in!

Be patient though… its is a work in progress. New areas and content are  being  added daily.