Site Updates and Membership Area Work In Progress

We have been and are still busy building everything but it is coming together – step by step. The membership area is up and running to the point it will let you in – though we are just now beginning to plug in content. So if you want to be among the first – and if you can be patient for a bit while we get everything else in place – then come on in!

Next week we will be adding a Community system inside our members only area – and we have chosen to use one of the top systems for doing so. It offers each member a chance to have his or her own personal blog within the system as well as be able to interact with all other members easily and clearly. There are many features available in the system…. and those brave enough to sign up now will be among the very first members to join.

I focus most of what I do on helping people who want help choose their own courses and build better lives…

That is what I see as my primary mission in life and what I intend to focus on for the rest of my life.

Living in debt and working your ass off to be an indentured servant and a wage slave is not much of a life. The good news is that you can choose to change it anytime you like – choose a new course and head off in a direction and on a path of your own choosing. That is what I want to help you do.

And what I want to build is a community of other like minded people around the same idea. One for all and all for one – to borrow the phrase so to speak. A community where people work together to get out of debt, build careers and businesses of their own choosing, invest and build near passive income streams, manage businesses and lives effectively and accomplish amazing things.

To share ideas, experiences – both good and bad so we can all learn together what works best and help each other avoid what doesn’t.

To have fun and enjoy recreational pursuits too – nobody is ever served well by work alone. We all need rest, relaxation and just plain fun too! So fun is part of the whole thing too…

Visit the site and check out sign up to become a member if you dare… or sign up for email now and I will let you know when we are a bit further along.