I just published our next live online seminar/workshop which we will be conducting in January. If you would like to attend you can register here;


This event includes a printed manual, workbook and other physical materials, online live training, access to an online supplementary course and direct email support all to make absolutely certain that you get all the information, resources and support that you need to set up and maintain your own highly effective management control systems for your company.

After you register we will ship your course materials to you approximately two weeks prior to the event – so in order to make sure you get your course materials before the training event starts register now!

Why Online?

Taking courses and attending seminars and workshops online has many advantages over traveling to an event in person. First of all its a lot less expensive since you will not have to pay for gas and or airfare, hotel/motel accommodations and all the other expenses that go hand in hand with in person events.

The other huge benefit is time – instead of having to be gone from your work and away from home for several days all you need to have available time wise is just the actual hours of the event itself. You can even do that from your desk at work or anywhere else you have access to a decent internet connection and a table or desk. All the other wasted time and expenses are eliminated.

Yet you still get the same great information, a chance to ask live questions and get answers – and even better – you will have your own course materials, access to a recorded online companion course 24/7 and direct email support. So if there is anything you do not fully understand the first time you will be able to watch the videos, read the materials, and do the exercises as many times as you need to – and you have ongoing direct support – so you can still ask me questions and get the answers you need after the event is over.

That’s better than a live class in many ways – but of course, live classes and workshops can be good too – it really just boils down to your budget, the time you are willing to spend and whether or not you want to travel away from work and home for several days or not.

In a live class, you do typically have one serious drawback with most events. If you do not hear or clearly understand the information at the immediate time it is given then you usually miss out on it. That’s not the case with our events.

We make sure you get the key information in writing in our publications including our manuals and guides – and that you also have a recorded online course you can go back through as many times as you like for a year, and you have direct email support for 30 days too – beyond which you can continue to get access to online training and direct support for as long as you like if you choose to sign up for our membership program.

When I decided to design and create our training events I thought long and hard about what I would have wanted when I first got started in safety and risk management many years ago. This is what I came up with – and I wish that it had been available to me all those years back!

It IS available to you right now and it will absolutely make a world of difference to you and your company.

You may also like to attend our Trucking Business Management Systems event the following day too – and you can get more information about that and register at  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/trucking-business-management-systems-tickets-44405086810

Please let me know if you have any questions – you can contact me by message, email or phone which you can find at www.transportresourcesolutions.com  –  otherwise go ahead and register and I will see you soon.