People are different. Some don’t seem to mind clutter and stuff thrown everywhere. Others are OCD poster children when it comes to their personal spaces and are constantly cleaning, scrubbing and organizing yet never have it quite good enough to make themselves happy. I’m somewhere in the middle of these two extremes – though looking at my shop right now you might swear I was fully in that first group.

Here is what it looks like right now;








Follow along if you like over the next 90 days and see what this messy simple little shed gets transformed into. It will still be small – but it is going to become very organized and well equipped, even to rival large fancy and expensive shops, but in a much more attainable way. Then once the shop is finished I am going to start making stuff. Some projects will be simple and easy – others a bit more involved.

First we need to get the shop in order. Next as I mentioned in my last post, the first project will be how to make crates. After that I am going to build a Micro Truck Camper to go in the bed of my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. That is going to be a whole lot of fun.