Terms of Service

Terms of Service And Disclaimer

Any and all services and or products provided by Transport Resource Solutions LLC, and or L.D. Sewell are provided with the understanding and your acceptance that such services are NOT legal services, accounting services or any other regulated service what so ever, and neither L.D. Sewell, Transport Resource Solutions LLC, nor employees, assigns or associates shall be held liable for any loss of any kind that may occur directly or indirectly from any services or products offered or provided.

By using this site, attending any event whether live or recorded, or any of our other products or services, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions in full.


Specific Consulting Training And Other Services 

Any and all additional specific direct consulting, training and support services shall be provided under a separate and specific contract. The terms of any such services and agreements by the parties shall be in writing and signed by all parties, and shall spell out the specific scope of any such services that are to be provided.

Any ADDITIONAL services requested will result in additional charges for any such services, and an additional written agreement spelling out the terms and scope of the additional services desired by client/customer.

Any and all information provided by any means what so ever is for information purposes only - information for you to consider, evaluate, research on your own and then to decide what course of action to take of your own accord and own responsibility. We shall not be liable in ANY EVENT for any claimed losses what so ever, regardless of the service and or product we provide, or the means or methods in which we provide any such products and or services.

In the event you desire the services of any lawyer, accountant or other such regulated professional - any such services must be sought out and paid for in full by you at your own expense, and your own liability.

Confidential and Copyrighted Services And Products

Our events may NOT be recorded nor distributed or displayed in any way shape or form at any time by any means - without prior written consent and agreement of L.D. Sewell.

Any disclosure or rebroadcast, posting, releasing or in anyway disclosing our presentations, forms, manuals, guides, systems, methods, processes and other related materials and information shall be construed as a violations of our copyrights and an unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets.

Students, Attendees, Clients And Anyone Else Attending Our Live Events

In all cases you shall be responsible for ALL of your own costs, including but not limited to; travel to and from any event, hotel, motel etc. room or any other lodging, meals and any and all other expenses for any other thing desired or needed by you.


Refunds are available up to 30 days PRIOR to the scheduled date of event, unless we otherwise post any other terms on Eventbrite or any other service we choose to sell tickets through. Otherwise there are NO REFUNDS.

In plain language - do not use our stuff without my prior written permission. Even then, only use it for the specific purposes as authorized and nothing further.

We accept NO LIABILITY for any loss of any kind incurred by client, student, attendee, or anyone else who uses any of our products or services.



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