Make Money From Home – 7 Ways to Make Real Money From Home

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Table of Contents

Introduction to making money from home

Money making methods that Do work

Money making SCAMS and SHAMS and others to avoid

Selecting your own method

Getting started

Avoiding failure by getting help

My final thoughts and recommendations


Introduction to making money from home

Everybody on the planet wants to make more money, or at least the vast majority of people want more money than they currently make.

One of the most popular keyword searches is “How to make money from home?” and other variations of the same basic question.

There are countless responses that will come up to that query too. Some of it is good and will cover legitimate real opportunities that can work for you and may help you make real money. The problem is that the vast majority of information available is just worthless and simply won’t work.

Others are attempting to lead people to be taken unfair advantage of through MLMs and “Done for You” turnkey business in a box offers (spoiler – that’s nonsense and does NOT work!).

All of that stuff is among what I call guru garbage.

It’s also very hard to tell the real from the fantasy and the good from the bad.

I am going to do my best to help shed some light on what choices you should consider and which ones you probably just want to avoid altogether.

Let’s get to it…

Money making methods that DO work from home

The good news for you is that there are thousands of ways to make money from home that are indeed real and that can work for you. Some are better than others, and even then, your choice depends on your own situation, experiences, motivation and other such factors.


Here are seven of the top choices you should consider;

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Selling other peoples/companies products for a fee/commission.
  2. Online Course Creation – Creating specialized information content such as videos, audios and printed information and arranging it sequentially in the form of a recorded course which can be purchased and downloaded/accessed anytime from anywhere.
  3. YouTube Creator – Start a channel and make videos consistently and you can get your YouTube channel monetized – YouTube (Owned by Google) will pay you based on ads placed on your videos and their views. You can also sell affiliate products, sell your own courses, and other products – so there are numerous ways to make money from home with YouTube.
  4. Podcast – Start your own podcast. You can record episodes right on your laptop with simple software and an inexpensive mic and upload it to a hosting platform and you have a podcast. Once you get the basics down there are many ways to monetize your podcast.
  5. Short Term Rental of Spare Space – Think Airbnb and similar. You probably have excess space that could be rented out to other people for profit. That may be a spare bedroom, a garage you can convert, or a tiny home in your backyard. There are even people willing to pay you to park their cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles on your property or store their stuff in your garage or shed.
  6. Coaching and Mentoring – If you have any expertise that other people want (or are willing to LEARN enough to be able to help others) then you can become a coach and or mentor and do your work from your laptop and phone from the comfort of your own home.
  7. Heat Transfer Printing Business – Print art on mugs, tumblers, tote bags, shirts, hats, key chains, luggage tags and more and sell it all on shopify, Etsy, ebay and other platforms – as well as direct from your own website.


Money making SCAMS and SHAMS and others to avoid


Now let’s talk about some things you are probably going to want to avoid and stay away from. Sadly, not everyone is honest. Not even close. There are many people who will take advantage of you for their own profit without giving you anything at all of value. They just make empty promises and tell you lies to get your money, and once they do good luck!

I’m guessing you have already found this to be the case…

It can be difficult to tell the difference between the real and the fake make money from home opportunities.

Some of the following red flags should alert you to be very careful, and you should know that more often than not the things they are selling are not going to work out well for you;

  1. Any opportunity that is advertised “Turnkey” or “Done for You” or “Business in a Box”
  2. Most (if not All!) MLMs – Multi Level Marketing has a TERRIBLE reputation and a long history of ripping people off and making unrealistic promises claiming participants can make a lot of money when the reality is most only make peanuts at best, if any money at all
  3. Easy Money and claims of making big money fast or easy are almost certainly scams – or at least they are very much exaggerating the realistic earning potential
  4. Making specific claims and or guarantees that you can make large amounts of money and generate a large income in any amount. There are NO GURANTEES in reality and if you read the microprint, you will find they will not stand behind their products if they do not work for you – instead, they will just blame YOU
  5. Low paying – such as doing surveys, and playing games and other such things – while some of these things do pay you a little money, you would be far better off doing other things and the pay is so low it simply isn’t worth your time – especially if you are trying to build a REAL business from home!

Selecting your own method

Some people will tell you to “follow your passion” and do whatever that is.

I will tell you to look for something that is first and foremost likely to be PROFITABLE. Then from among those things try to find whichever one that you like the best and that may be something you are passionate about too, or at least that you like enough to keep doing it.

Think of it another way – if it’s just something you are super passionate about but that is not profitable, then what good is it as a business?

The answer is NOT much.

It may make an excellent hobby and be good for leisure time – but you will be broke and frustrated if you confuse that with it being a viable business to be in.

Look into the things I mention in this post. Investigate them all and see if you like one more than the other. Then start gathering your information on what you need to know and what other resources you need to be able to begin building that business.

A word of caution here – many people think too much, research too much and do far too little if they ever actually do anything at all.

Yes, do look into it, evaluate it, then make a decision and get started taking consistent action each and every day toward turning your own dreams into your own reality – and that my friend can only happen through sustained consistent action over time.

I want you to be successful in building your own business and making money at home with it and from it, so you have to be realistically prepared for what that is likely to take and what it will likely look like for you.

Contrary to the guru garbage – realistically you can expect several weeks to a few months before you begin to make anything at all. The work comes first – then the paycheck comes after that, not the other way around.

You will have to work for days, weeks and maybe even months – then if you chose a good business to be in, learned what needed to be done and then have actually done the work – then the money will begin to flow.

When it does, it is likely to be just a few dollars. Nothing really impressive for most of us. But… if you keep doing what you need to keep doing, it will increase over time and keep growing as you keep doing the work.

That is how it really works.

A quick example is when I started teaching online courses, my initial income was very little. Just a few dollars. But I created more courses and as they were marketed more and more they began to be purchased by more and more students (customers).  My income grew to multiple hundreds of dollars and has been coming in ever since – for YEARS now.

As I create and release more courses, I make more money. That means anytime I want to give myself another pay raise all I have to do is create and publish more courses. I hope that makes sense to you, and it will work the same for you too.

Getting started


Once you make a decision on what you want to do, the next thing you are going to need to do is to figure out how to get started, and what needs to be done next.

Information is what you need first.

You will need to do some research and figure out where you can get information, training, coaching and mentorship – along with other tools and resources that may be needed.

In most cases there will be many different sources for all the things you need and you are going to have to decide which ones to use and which ones not to.

Getting quality training, help and support can save you months of frustration and greatly increase the chances of your success. Many people simply get frustrated because they can’t figure out what needs to be done next, even when they are more than willing to do the work – so they hit a dead end. They get frustrated, and they just give up and quit.

To do better – get better help – then stick with it until it begins to pay off and it gets easier after that.


Avoiding failure by getting help


As we already touched on – getting help is critically important.

Nobody does much of anything in business and in life that matters without help from other people. To get better help you need to know how to find sources of help and then how to evaluate them and decide which ones are better choices for you right now.

It begins with asking questions.

By doing research, you will see what is available for you to consider. Start with google and key in “affiliate marketing training, make money with affiliate marketing” etc and similar key words and search phrases.

See what comes up.

Choose a few and then go look at them all. Have a pad of paper or a notebook and make some notes on each one. What you like and what you don’t, do they have a free trial? How much does it cost?

Then look up that same thing again and add the word “reviews.”

Next go to YouTube and repeat the search inside YouTube. Make your notes and gather your thoughts.

Be very careful though!

Do NOT hit the buy it now button on any of them just yet. Finish your initial research first. Just know that the people who run such sites and training programs are mostly very good at marketing their own stuff – regardless of whether it works or not. Some can sound very convincing, yet their products are garbage.

So how can you tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones?

Read the reviews on multiples sites. Bad programs develop bad reputations which are impossible to hide and if you look hard enough you will be able to tell. While a single bad review or a few here and there is normal – mostly bad reviews and few if any good ones is a very bad sign and is an indication that you should pass on that option and find something better.

Look for patterns in the reviews and that will tell you the truth in most cases.

Next is the price they want you to pay.

If they are targeting rookies and beginners and wanting to charge you high ticket prices – run!

Any initial program should be under $500 and ideally, they should have a month-to-month option where you can cancel any time without a penalty, and even better is a free trial.

I am a big fan of free trials and most godo programs do have them. When I say programs, I mean Memberships primarily. There are also live training programs lasting eight to twelve weeks or longer which I would also include in that.

Online prerecorded courses are available that are  quite good and generally under $200 or less (for beginner level) and while they will not typically allow you to take the whole course for a free test drive, most will let you watch a few lessons free and at least see the curriculum topics and courses sections. Again – look at the instructor and the course reviews.

Like always – no matter how good a resource may be – YOU still have to do the work long enough to reap the rewards.

My final thoughts and recommendations


That’s more than enough to give you quite a lot to think about and enough information that you should now know how to go about getting started building your own business so you can make money from your own home too.

Just remember what I told you – no matter which thing you choose and no matter who you choose to help you – no one is going to do yor work for you.

If you want to achieve success in your business and make money from home, real money, not chump change – then you are going to have to learn new things that yu do not yet know and you are going to have to do real work that you are not yet doing.

That’s the truth.

That is an inconvenient reality for a lot of people too – people who would rather hear the sweet lies of the gur garbage peddlers, and such sweet lies they are. If only any of it were true…

But it’s not.

The truth is YOU can make real money from home and even make amounts that would qualify you in most peoples eyes as being WEALTHY, but it will take time and it will take hard work to get there.

What about you, are you serious about building your own home-based business enough to really put in the time and the work to make it happen?

If you are I have a recommendation for you – Wealthy Affiliate.

Best of all Wealthy Affiliate offers you a risk free no credit card required trial membership – so you get to see everything and see how it all works BEFORE you spend a single dollar.

The bottom line is your future is in your own hands.

Make a decision and take action. Whatever you do, I wish you all the very best in your work, your business, and your life!

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate Here.


About the Author

L.D. Sewell is the founder and owner of a consulting and training company called TRS (Transport Resource Solutions LLC), this site, and multiple other business and entrepreneurship focused websites. He is an author, instructor and entrepreneur who focuses on teaching online courses, live in person classes, live workshops, and creating content to help other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs across multiple platforms. You can connect with him through and you can also find many of his courses on Udemy.