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  • Truck Driving - An Introduction to Professional Trucking

    Now Available on Udemy!

    This course is finished and is available on Udemy.  Intended to be an overview of trucking as a career, profession and a lifestyle. Far too many people fail at their attempts to become successful truck drivers. Many quit and leave the trucking industry before they complete their first full year. This course is designed to explain why that happens and recommend ways to avoid having it happen in the first place.


  • It will also help highly motivated people build their careers much faster and become far more profitable. Information is potential power – and that power gives you the ability to determine your own fate and build a better life of your own design.

    Trucking is a key piece of that design for a lot of people and it might be for you too. Take the course if you would like to find out whether trucking is a good choice for you or not.

    You can find it on Udemy now.