Nothing in life or business is usually as easy or as fast as we would like it to be. That has certainly been the case with my own efforts anyway – and though it has taken longer than I would have liked, I have finally uploaded my first ever YouTube interview.

Jeff was kind enough (a brave guy!) to become the first person ever to be interviewed by me on any of our channels, and he did an outstanding job!

This interview was about his locksmith business.

Jeff is an entrepreneur and he has multiple streams of income from several different business interests he has going, including being an author and publishing his own books, and running an eBay business in addition to his locksmith business.

He has been a locksmith for almost thirty years and counting, so he has a wealth of experience and knowledge about becoming a locksmith and running a locksmith business that would be of value to anyone seriously interested in starting their own locksmith company.

As I very often mention, another business you should also consider is affiliate marketing.

Even if you become a locksmith or choose some other income production opportunities, the skills you learn, and the resources you will learn how to use in affiliate marketing will help you do better in any business. That’s in addition to the money you can earn as an affiliate marketer too!

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Enjoy the interview with Jeff and tell me what you think in the comments below or on YouTube.

Here is the interview;