If you are building a little covert home to use for covert camping – what most people call stealth camping, then the fewer windows you have the better off you are. That’s my opinion anyway. Windows cause several problems. First they reduce your ability to hide in plain sight. They allow light out and make it easier for those nearby to hear even the slightest of sounds. They are also a source of major heat loss and make it harder to keep your little hidden home warm. Then there is the condensation issue on top of that.

If you are trying to make your covert home on wheels look like a work vehicle notice that most work vans and box trucks and even pickup truck caps and enclosures have no windows. Others may have one or two very small vent type windows – but they all look like what they are – utilitarian work vehicles and not like little campers or soccer mom vans. The more in blends in the better – and the fewer the windows it has thee easier it will blend in.

So how do you get fresh air? From the roof. Install small vents and a larger hatch on the roof which you can crack slightly open when you are in hiding mode – and open all the way when you aren’t concerned about being covert or stealthy, like when you are in a park or campground etc. Having a large enough hatch to escape from through the roof can provide some additional peace of mind and a little more safety.  You can also install a small hidden vent or two on the front or rear of the unit – vents like you see on the side of the sleeper compartment on a commercial truck.

For added security and peace of mind you can install very small and discreet cameras in a few locations on the outside vehicle so you can still see outside while none can see you inside. Basic systems are not that expensive and they are so small and hideable you might be amazed by what is available.

In some cases you may have to work with what ever you have until you can do better – but as soon as you can you may want to consider getting rid of the windows. Install cameras, roof vents and a roof hatch instead. If you are about to buy or build something from scratch and are wondering how many windows you want in the housing part  of it the answer is as few as you can tolerate and if you have any keep them as small as possible.