Is your idea sound? Have there been others who have accomplished something similar? If so then there is proof it can be done and if someone else has already done it they have given you a path to model. Like a lighthouse to a ship it shows you the way. So the true thing stopping you isn’t that the task or goal is too big or that it is unattainable – but rather it is just your own insecurity and self doubt. The knots in your stomach…

Most people quit. They almost all quit sooner or later for the same exact reasons.

So DON’T do that! If what you are trying to do is something you truly believe in and that is a passion to you then don’t give up just because its difficult or seemingly even impossible. If you believe in it and if you truly believe it is possible then keep at it. Overcome your fear. Overcome your doubts.

Take just one more step.

Don’t look at the whole project. That’s scary.

Instead break it up into small bite size steps that you can do one step every day at least. Step by step and repeat and before you know it you will have accomplished something amazing! But know this – often people quit when their success was oh so near. Just slightly over the horizon and just out of sight when they turned back and gave up in defeat. So close and they never even knew it.

So keep this in mind when you are tempted to throw in your own towel and quit. Instead move a bit farther toward that horizon and keep doing that every day – just a little closer.

Sooner than you think you will find your destiny coming into view…